Glasgow Rangers out of FIFA 13?

Xbigy Games: Scottish football team Rangers may not appear in FIFA 13. The club has had financial problems and last week they were voted down to the Irn-Bru Third Division.

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Pintheshadows2285d ago

And next year there won't be a Scottish league at all.

LightofDarkness2285d ago

All the drama is gone now, it was all about Rangers v. Celtic. Now it's just "Celtic wins" for the next 5 years, I'd say.

Pintheshadows2285d ago

I doubt the Scottish league will last a season. Let alone 5. The old firm games were the main source of the leagues cash and the other teams won't survive without it.

So you could be right, Celtic may win by default for 5 years as they'll be the only team in Scotland.

TopDudeMan2285d ago

Well, last I checked, division 3 teams didn't get into FIFA.

BlackFalcon2285d ago

Technically true, but then England has Premier, Champions, Division 1 and Division 2 represented in FIFA. Isn't that really 4 divisions?

TopDudeMan2285d ago

But england's championship teams can compete with scotlands premier league teams and most of Fifa's player base are english, so of course they're gonna do that.

Straightupbeastly2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Scotland is dumb. Why the hell would u send Rangers down to the 3rd division? U trying to kill the Scottish league? You're in financial trouble so we'll make matters worse and demote u to the bottom of the barrel. Now you'll lose all ur players, lose the biggest rivalry and the only thing that attracts outsiders to Scottish football

MacDonagh2285d ago

First off. I'm a Celtic fan and I agree wholeheartedly that Rangers should've been punished for what they have done. You're clearly not up to speed with what Rangers did; so let it break me down for you. Rangers were caught not paying tax for players wages through something known as an EBT which was started around about the 2001-2010 time period. This meant that they were paying player's wages without paying any tax on their earnings whatsoever.

Meaning they were given an unfair advantage over all the other teams to win trophies that they may not have been competing for in the first place if they didn't have those players. Take for instance an ex-player like Stefan Klos who was on the same wages as David Beckham when Becks was at Real Madrid.

That sort of practice cannot be condoned and has to be punished. HMRC should've also seized all of their assets and sold them off to accrue more of the taxpayer money that has been held back from them by Rangers not paying tax for these EBTs. I've also added a BBC documentry that covered this utter catastrofuck of a situation.

Straightupbeastly2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

U take away trophies and send them one tier down like Juventus. Don't kill the football club And the league for some greedy mistakes by a few people. Not fair to fans and to the league

TopDudeMan2285d ago

Yeah, straightup. But the thing is the division 1 teams voted and they didn't want rangers in their league either, because of the bad name they gave them.

Rattlehead202285d ago

It's not dumb. If you followed the news you would know that Rangers doesn't exist anymore, they were liquidated.

What they are now is a new company and no new company should start at the very top of the football pyramid.

pompombrum2285d ago

I wonder if Sky will make good on their threats and pull out of their TV deal. If I was Sky I wouldn't be paying the Scottish FA the same amount of money for TV licensing when there's no Rangers game people will watch.