Game Informer: A Look Back At Some Atari Classics

Some longstanding gaming franchises made their mark (or their debut) on the venerable Atari 2600. Pitfall, Pac-Man and even Mario showed up in one way or another, stopping by the wood-grained console on the way to bigger and better things. Alas, not every cartridge had the same experience. More than a few games burned brightly before inexplicably sputtering out. While the system was home to a number of titles that should stay buried (Freeway), there were several noteworthy releases that deserve to be updated. Without further ado, here are 15 Atari 2600 titles that deserve modern-day makeovers:

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MK_Red4375d ago

H.E.R.O and River Raid. Nothing else matters.

meepmoopmeep4375d ago

boy do i miss the Pitfall days... and Space Invaders... i remember my dad surprised me when i went to the store with him thinking he was going to get me an Atari 2600 but he got me a NES instead with Zelda... i was the happiest kid in the world that time

YorkshireGal4375d ago

Hiya all

I was playing on one of these last weekend at my in-laws house.

It was just like stepping back in time to when I was a kid again!

Whilst the graphics are non-existant, the games are still to this day strangely addictive ... especially the missile commander game (I think that's what it was called)

YG xxx