First Look: Star Wars: The Force Unleashed-Wii

IGN:Lucasarts shows off its Wii-centric version of its latest Star Wars action title.

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OC_MurphysLaw4376d ago

Those are pretty damn impressive...probably the best looking Wii screens I have seen to-date!

AceLuby4376d ago

These screens look cool, but what about gameplay? I've seen it on the PS3/360, but I want to see how the graphics respond on the wii. Screenshots are ok, but I want a small amount of gameplay.

ygxbrayzie4376d ago

nice but just the ps3/xbox 360 gets DMM and Natural Emotion....

M_Prime4376d ago

How much physics do you need? i mean HALFLIFE 2 had some pretty awsome physics and it ran fine on the XBOX and we all know the WII is better then the xBOX in terms of power..

as long as they don't mess up the graphics and have pretty good physics then this game will be awsome.. sure it won't be as pretty as the 360 or PS3 but it will be 10 bux cheaper :-) with WAGGLE! (i am assuming controls are done correctly)

lets wait till it is realeased before we make all the judgment calls, or at least the final build is done. and at least they are doing the WII one from scratch and porting it to the PS2.. which is not bad.

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