Thunderbolt: Starhawk Review

Thunderbolt: There’s something satisfyingly visceral about Starhawk’s self-constructing, tower defence inspired structures as they fall from the sky. Thundering towards the ground in a neatly compressed package they land with a camera shaking metallic thud, kicking up a cloud of dust and debris, and assemble with the whizzing, whirring, clanky cha-chunk of a Transformer. But far from a purely audio-visual pleasure they represent a brand new gameplay element for the ‘Hawk’ series; that of real-time strategy where once there was only large scale combat.

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maniacmayhem2284d ago

Not a lot of chatter about this game. I wonder how it's doing.

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Grimhammer002284d ago

Well it perma-dropped to $29.99 in Canada.
So something categorically went wrong.

Too niche? Black lead had no baring on my enjoyment. (I'm white)

I think the spawn raping and tank abuse early on destroyed noob fun. Leaving the core fans. But even they have left in large numbers. Perhaps more interesting maps? Or a third random enemy?

Either way....flopped hard.