Sony CEO says sales going well

Stringer said Sony's consumer electronics business was holding up well, despite the U.S. slowdown, with Playstation 3 (PS3) sales improving.

Electronics operations account for nearly three quarters of Sony's total sales.

"PS3 has now gone past Xbox on the Christmas market. It's moving into its own as it gets into higher bandwidth ... PS3 is out of the woods and beginning to hold its own," he said.

The PS3 initially trailed rivals, due to the Sony machine's high price and an initial scarcity of strong software titles. But PS3 demand has shown some signs of picking up since the company cut prices and launched a new version.

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jiggyjay4375d ago

Hey I thought people would still buy the PS3 even though its $600!

PopEmUp4375d ago

where the heck did you get that from unless you're looking at Australian price but wait the Australian price is $699 and comparing to the US its $399. Hey btw just to let you know everybody In the world probably knows how much the Ps3 price right now and it not $600 unless you're living in AUSTRALIA

meepmoopmeep4375d ago

the ps3 is selling just as well as the competitor had in its first year even with competition. the big franchises to be release from here on out will bring many, many, many more people to the ps3 platform, that's for sure. the price drop didn't hurt either and seeing as how bad the U.S economy is lately... just in time too

INehalemEXI4375d ago

Yah, 08 is looking good for ps3. Starting 2/5 with DMC4 its really first blood for PS3 in 08.

WilliamRLBaker4375d ago

except dmc4 will sell more on 360.

ravinash4375d ago

Well yeah...maybe if the userbase is twice as large at the moment.
How well do you think DMC4 will sell in japan???....that might balance things up to the number of 360s in the US....time will tell.

shine13964375d ago (Edited 4375d ago )

Europe seems to be going Ps3 way...from neutral standpoint I reckon x360 needs to get advertisers on their side..USA may be the biggest market but it can't be bigger then JAPAN, EUROPE, Others etc put together.

Andronicus4375d ago

How many more units did VF5 sell on 360 vs PS3?....oh yeah thats rights it didnt lol.

I know its a different genre, but you know the DMC fan base are and were Playstation 2 owners, who most likely had a FF, GT or MGS game. what do you think their going to be playing DMC4 on? the same place they can play the next gen versions of those PS3.

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WilliamRLBaker4375d ago

really the CEO is gonna say any thing else? even when the ps3 was geting out sold in every way they still said sales we're fine.

As for that the christmas rush is over and the gap between 360 and ps3 sales is disapearing yet again as the price drop wears off in america and europe.

nix4375d ago


sure CEOs say good things only. i mean come on have we heard 360's CEO talk about RROD at all?

Bathyj4375d ago

Its funny how months ago you were bragging you were so far in front and now you're bragging because the gap your behind isn't as big as it once was. Hilarius.

And the whole time you're too stupid to relise a momentum shift has happened, that why you're behind. PS3 sped up, XB slowed down. Its dosent matter by how much, it just matter it keeps going that direction.

belal4375d ago (Edited 4375d ago )


no this game will sell mutch more on the ps3 and every one nows it ! in japan,in europe and maybe in us too so just forget about it:)


the gap getting bigger ? now its getting smalller u idiot and no the prise drop is still effective. give me a link that says that the ps3 is falling down again.

Legion4375d ago

360 accounted for what 42~45% of 2007 market share, in the US? PS3 might survive the world but it is dieing slowly in the U.S.. And though systems can surbvive without European and Japanese strong sales, it can't survive without U.S. sales.

PS3 isn't dead by a long shot but it is not coming close to matching the other systems. Lucky they have Bluray players... otherwise there would be no use for the PS3 at all.

zambrota4375d ago (Edited 4375d ago )

ps3 will murder x360 in terms of sales in NA in 2008

as for x360 it was dead from the very beginning in Europe and Japan

x360 didnt account for 40% hw sales in Na. PS and NINTENDO accounted for over 80% of HW sahares in NA last year. xbox had good software sales because of Halo 3

ps2 sold the most in europe --52 million units

ps2 sold over 45million units in NA and over 20 million units in Japana

ps3 will do the same in NA as well as worldwide.

However for xbox 360 everything will be finished in 2008

ps3 sells in NA too but not just as good as the x360 (till last year)

you know that ps3 will rule this year so why argue

ps3 is dying in NA ????---well ps3 will rule 2008 in NA


ps3 did quite well last XMAS --900k in US and CANADA is by no means bad

However ps3 outsells x360 3:1 in EUROPE now

and 7:1 in Japan

global competition is over for x360. ps3 and wii will now fight for crown glory

SlippyMadFrog4375d ago

"ps3 will murder x360 in terms of sales in NA in 2008 "
you are a bit ambitious there zambrota/shmee/nasim

Jigsaw-4375d ago

ps3 is closing the gap in u.s.the only reasons red ring is leading is because a year head start. already Nintendo is passing that defected pos in u.s.

Douglasp4375d ago

PS3 is closing the gap in NA.? what are you smoking. I bet that Kush must be some good sh*t hu.? When PS3 launched in NOV of 2006 they where 4 million behind because of the 1 year head start in US. Fwd to today DEC 2007 NPD numbers have Xbox at a total of 9.2 mil to 3.25 mil? They are now trailing it by 6 million.? They lost head to head in the first year another 2 million. But oh yeah in your smoky world the PS3 is closing the gap. Gawd what is this world coming to when not even internet and computer guys can't even count.

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