Aliens: Colonial Marines Gameplay Footage at Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted some gameplay footage from Comic Con of Aliens: Colonial Marines.

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PockyKing2312d ago

Ugh, I hate off-screen footage, at least the camera is steady lol.

Glad they went third person with the aliens though instead of first person like in AVP, will make it much easier to traverse around. But, it wasn't terrible in AVP so I'll give it that. Can't wait to play the campaign for this game though.

Garethvk2312d ago

I agree. Its the rule of thumb at events. At E3 we could not film but could take a few booth images. Off to the side is the way most places want film and video now. The new thing is that the hand or a head has to be in it as you have to show a person playing it. You do the best with what they will let you do, plus the lighting often is bad and you cannot use you own.

PockyKing2312d ago

Yea, I need to get the guys from my site out to more events. We had one at E3 this year, but didn't really learn any "new" info. Still, game footage is game footage!

WeskerChildReborned2312d ago

I can't wait to just play the game, campaign and multiplayer.

mafiahajeri2312d ago

Looks great!! Can't wait.

Wizziokid2312d ago

can't wait for this to release, love me some Aliens

beerkeg2312d ago

I hope this is a return to form for Aliens, hopefully it will be up to the standard of the first 2 AVP games. And I'm not talking about the recent AVP, that was crap.

Frances-the-Mute2312d ago

Re-watching the anthology has gotten me extra psyched for this game.

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