Top 50 Video Game Markers

Day after day, passionate gamers pour their love into discussions about video games of all kinds – rarely do we reflect the people behind the inventive puzzlers, story-driven adventures, and artistic experiments we obsess over.

Who are these video game makers, and what makes them special? What is their history? What have these developers done for the games industry in its 40 years of existence?

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thetrugamer2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

'Markers'? It amazes me what gets flagged and what doesn't.

conTROLLer2287d ago

Top 50 game markers what is wrong with that. Don't you like sharpie and crayola markers. There is different colors and different color boxes you can get.

GameGuy2286d ago

The best marker has to be the Sharpie. I used to sniff those and get higher than giraffe pu$$y.