Control Scheme for Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 3

Saiyan Island explains the controls in the new Naruto game.

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tayz3596d ago

i cant wait to start battles from the start of the match!! kcm naruto all the way!!

Yi-Long3595d ago

... I quite liked it as a last resort which could turn the tide of the match.

I'm hoping they'll introduce some cool new stuff, like air-throws, counters, 'stomps' when someone is down, throw-combinations, jutsu-clashes (I think that was in NUNS1, but they took it out), different team-jutsu finishes, instead of just the standard ultimate jutsu to finish the team-jutsu...

Also, I really hope that now they'll come up with some interesting levels (backgrounds) to fight in, cause the current ones are quite bland. Generations is already a bit better than NUNS2, but still there are too many boring levels in there.

Might even like levels with some interactivity going on, so with moves/jutsus that use the environment.

Finally: Where's Naruto's Sexy Jutsu!?

Finally 2: Instead of unlocking screenshots from the TV-show, I would REALLY prefer to unlock gorgeous art by Kishimoto (both sketches as well as finished colored work), and concept-art from the development team!

Deadpool6163594d ago

"Brilliant ideas! You're hired!" Is what I would say if I worked at NamcoBandai.

Those are some really excellent ideas. Do you think a 3 vs 3 player multiplayer mode would work well instead of just having assists?

NovusTerminus3594d ago

I am more worried about the "Secret Factor" system... DBZ Raging Blast had something similar to it, and it destroyed the flow of the battles.

Also, I want the ability to equip Jutsu to anyone like in the Naritimate Hero games. So what if I want Ino using the Chidori! It was awesome to be able to do that!

Irishguy953594d ago (Edited 3594d ago )

Boss battles only/ Was in UNS 2 as well. Worked well for the boss fights. Ie' Sasuke vs Itachi shurikan fight, Naruto vs Sasuke jutsu clash etc