Final Fantasy XIII-2: Cancelled Environments, Areas and DLC Plans

Final Fantasy sites have translated new information from Final Fantasy XIII-2 Ultimania Omega and this time we know more about cancelled areas and environments. They also released new artwork and screenshots from these areas.

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2290d ago
Infernostew2290d ago

So... they cut out stuff of a game that was made of cut out stuff. Interesting....

Tdmd2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

They probably would use the stuff that didn't made the cut to build FFXIII-3. And "fans" would love it. They would also call me "hater".

iamtehpwn2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

With every game of this scope, there is some degree of cut content, ESPECIALLY the Final Fantasy Series. You guys obviously don't know too much about the development history of the franchise

rdgneoz32290d ago

You do realize when they were making FF XIII (the first one), they said they cut enough content to make another game. Then trade marked said game shortly after (just in case) and then made it.

iamtehpwn2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

^ Yes, I do, but have you ever seen what most of the cut content was? It was things such as Lightning's house, or the ability to dodge attacks with the right analog stick was cut. Another thing that was cut was a Zoo in the Natalius. None of these things appeared in XIII-2.

Irishguy952289d ago

It's ok, FFXIII sucked anyhow. And FFXIII-2 was barely mediocre

Vortex3D2290d ago

Whatever. I think many of us can agree that Square has gone beyond milking FF XIII for money. With them unable release Vs XIII or other new FF, what can they do to stay alive? Keep releasing more XIII sequels. I'm one of the few who love XIII but with XIII-2, Square is doing it just to milk money to stay alive. Then, they said no XIII-3 until a few days ago. XIII-3 will be coming out to further milk for more money.

Since Square is unable (or unwilling) to release anything about Vs XIII actual gameplay, who's to say they originally made Vs XIII too much like XIII and they are in serious trouble trying to convert Vs XIII to be very different?

joab7772290d ago

I agree completely and it's very sad. Not even the milking so much but the misguided direction. How hard can it be to stay on course and build a next Gen FF. I give Capcom credit for DD and the pawn system. DD is a he'll of alot better at it's core.

That being said, FF13 was great after the main story ended chasing the platinum. It opened up and the combat and strategy shined through. Why not create a semi open world with an over map and a traveling system. Maybe create a battle system that can use 4 player Co op. Have a main story but then add on endgame content with strong creatures that online groups can tackle etc. I dunno.

Lucretia2290d ago

Joab did u play 13-2? it was really good, the combat early on opens up more than it did in 13. lots to do, and so much with the monsters.

i love DD though so i will agree partially :P

still 13-2 was really good, and i think we def need a 13-3 if anyone has beaten 13-2. one of the best endings in any FF game

TheDivine2289d ago

Not any more than beloved ff7 that has crisis core, avent children, and dirge of cerubus. FF13 has one sequel which was really good. I prefered 13 even though 13-2 has more freedom, npc's, and minigames because the story was better, more cohesive, and overall a better game. Was one sequel more milked than ff4, a rerelease on psx, rerelease on gba, a remake on psp, a sequel on wii, and a remake on ds? Come on 13 isnt milked you say that because you dislike 13 already. When it released it was the thing to hate like cod is. It really was one of the finest jrpgs ever or at least this gen. Lost Odyseey might be better as a traditional jrpg but it doesnt diminish the quality of 13.

tweet752290d ago

bet most or some of these will show up in ff XIII-3

MasterCornholio2290d ago

Wow its incredible to see the distance in which SquareEnix and Capcom have fallen.

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