411mania - Jeremy McGrath Offroad Review

411mania - Jeremy McGrath seems to have been around forever. For a while he was like Madden and whenever a cool off-road game was coming out or dirt bike game, it had his name attached. Now, it has been a little while since we had the last Jeremy McGrath game and we are presented with an Arcade title instead of a retail title. Originally, I figured the game would be similar to what Madden has become and we would barely see McGrath. Well, that is not the case; in fact you get so much of him that you start to get annoyed by him it seems. He appears in every menu, he is your GPS, and gives advice on every screen. He is everywhere and even appears in little pop-ups throughout the menu screens. Overall though, the game is pretty good for an arcade title. Let’s take a look at each area of the game and then I will give a final review at the bottom.

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