Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller Review: From The Perspective Of A PS3 Gamer

The Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller is, as far as I know, the first of its kind. A controller completely customizable and wired for professional gaming and tournament play is seemingly the ultimate console hardware accessory, but does the Mad Catz MLG Pro Circuit Controller live up to the hype for a PS3 gamer that's gaming on the Xbox 360?

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InfamousHero2286d ago

First approved submission :)

Larry L2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I've been wanting to read some reviews of this controller. Fairly informative, though I wish it was specifically for the PS3 version (or both), as that's the one I'd be buying.

I had a feeling this controller was too good to be true. And I can't trust big site reviews on a product like know, with advertising deals and all that.

I had a strong feeling MadCatz wasn't going to be able to replicate the quality of Sony's first party d-pad. No company's even come close imho as a gamer who's played on every gaming platform since the late 70's. SNES was a close second I'd say.

When will third party controller makers learn to rip-off Sony's design? The d-pad buttons HAVE to be seperate, not only on the face, but INSIDE, otherwise inputs aren't accurate, and just like in this review, you go to input a left or right direction, but you instead jump. I've NEVER used a 3rd party controller that doesn't have this problem. If I could grant one wish for XBox owners, it would be that MicroSoft contracted Sony to make their controllers.

I thought from the images that this MLG conroller got it right with a seperated d-pad, thank you for showing that it's really not seperated, it's just an illusion by seperating it on the outside only. My request to you would be, after you get a new PS3, review the PS3 version of this controller to see if it's got the same issues. It MUST have, considering it's the same parts aside from the face buttons right?

InfamousHero2285d ago

Yeah, I wouldn't even bother as I'm sure it has the exact same problems. Plus the PS3 controller got it right the first time.

mayberry2286d ago

Good, straight forward review! bottom line is, madcatz have made a very "tech heavy" "pretty" controller that has firmware issues a d-pad issue that they will take their sweet time addressing.... so I will take my sweet time buying it!