Rambo: The Video Game Mailing List launched

ET "While very little is currently known about Reef Entertainment’s forthcoming release, the publisher is keen to get gamers lined-up and ready-to-receive. Following the recent confirmation of a playable appearance at next month’s gamescom event, the Rambo: The Video Game website for the videogame has been updated with the option to opt-in to an official mailing list."

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ChipChipperson2284d ago

Rambo: First Blood Part 5: John The Video Game

HmongAmerican2284d ago

I am a big time fan of the Rambo movie. Hope it is true.

vortis2284d ago

I want this game pretty badly. I hope it doesn't suck.

I'm also getting The Expendables 2, even though it's kind of guaranteed to suck. But really, how often do you get to play all your favorite non-radioactive super-heroes in a video game?