8 Best PlayStation 4 Controllers for the PS4

We gathered the best stunning PS4 good looking controller concept we know you might like and which will titillate your senses.These spectacular concept were made by very highly skilll talented designers .

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360GamerFG2378d ago

I like the one pictured above. Very cool looking. If they bulked it up, switched the left analog with the D-pad and gave it proper triggers it would be the ultimate controller.

MattyG2378d ago

Ahhhhhh I see whatcha did there, ya clever little fanboy.

m-s-8-22378d ago

People use the word "stunning" far too often when describing fan made concept art. 90% of the time they range from ugly to outright ridiculous.

iamnsuperman2378d ago

The last one and the article picture makes very little sense. The controller isn't primarily used for music nor would the console. A lot of these looks really awkward and well crap. The first one looks all right but is obviously missing the second stick and in my eyes need to look more like a dualshock controller. Best is the second picture

MattyG2378d ago

The second one looks like a Vita without the screen.

Hicken2378d ago

It's cool-looking, but not very practical. Few of them are, like the one where the d-pad and face buttons are below the analog sticks.