Can Crash Bandicoot Reinvent Himself Like Rayman?

The recent success of Rayman Origins has many people calling for the reinvention of another classic ’90s platforming franchise: Crash Bandicoot. If Rayman can be overhauled for a new generation, why can’t Crash? It’s more difficult than it seems.

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user54670072284d ago

Not while Activision are in charge...

If the rights were given to ND then it would be a totaly differen't story.

black9112283d ago

Playstation Exclusive would be a start.

delosisland2283d ago

Because a game like Crash Bandicoot definitely requires a blue ray disk to hold ALL THAT content for a linear platformer amirite!?!? Go play Heavy Rain dumbass fanboy...

-Alpha2284d ago

That's up to Activision. So, probably not.

black9112282d ago

Not a fanboy. But exclusive is best. Just imagine playing Mario on Xbox.

Cajun Chicken2284d ago

Because they already did that with Crash of the Titans and gave him weird tribal tattoos and collected stuff called mojo. Not Crash's best years.

LiamDirish2284d ago

Since they turned the lovely Spyro into a flesh eating monster, Crash will probably end up a werewolf or somethin

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The story is too old to be commented.