Non-American Developers Make Better Games

Charlie writes:

"Have you noticed this? This might sound a little offensive to say, but honestly it’s true. There are more foreign developers than you think, going from one side of Europe to the other, Japan and of course right here in the UK. I’m not saying that Americans make bad games, because that is not the case. There are many brilliant American games; I’m just saying that non-American developers seem to make the better ones."

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Kran2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

That's true. Just reread that and it made no sense. REMOVED :)


WA-HOW. I am NOT anti-american. When do I say "I hate American?" In fact I love America. I have american friends. I want to move to america one day. It's like you think I hate America because of the games developed from there. The whole world doesnt revolved around games. I never even expressed hate towards the developers. I merely stated non-american developers, ON AVERAGE, make the better games. Don't you dare start accusing me of something that isn't true. You don't know me.

PoSTedUP2286d ago

"better" is an opinion. must popular would go to the likes of mario etc. but some of the biggest developers and publishers are american like activision blizzard which made WoW, COD. HALO being a huge american game etc.

most developers are brilliant, america is only one country.

Brosy2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Whoever wrote this article is an obvious fool. What about Infinity Ward/Sledgehammer, Treyarch,Epic, Bungie, Naughty Dog, Blizzard, I.D., and Bethesda? Those are the industry leaders folks. What a anti-American tool this guy is.

PoSTedUP2286d ago

im assuming you were going to reply to me but then saw Brosy's comment and then replied to him instead, because i'm not the one that said you said you hate america lol.

and i guess "on average" the rest of the world makes better games, but that is an unfair comparison. i'm not saying you said this, but i think you think that americans think they make the best games, i could be wrong, but interesting article nonetheless

HarryMasonHerpderp2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

Dude major troll article lol
entitled to your opinion though.
America love their shooters where as Europe tend to make different types of games more, I'll agree with that.
Hence Xbox selling more in America and PS3 selling more in Europe but you can't really say which games are better though.
I'm glad we have the choice to have games like Uncharted and LittleBigPlanet there are talented Studios all over the world and America is one of those places.

Campy da Camper2285d ago

What a joke. Suckerpunch, naughty dog and Santa Monica are some of the best devs out there.

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It all comes down to the main foundation of gaming, what kind of games YOU like

Elderly_Cynic2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

This is clearly opinion based on personal preference. Glossing over Naughty Dog so that you can cite Media Molecule is kinda laughable, but then Naughty Dog is American, so that would have pretty seriously undermined your 'point', wouldn't it?

Besides, most big developers aren't limited by nationalistic boundaries, and have studios in multiple countries.

Kran2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )


I never meant to cause a massive row about certain developers. Its like you think i said "All American Developers are Crap Developers". I didn't say that at all now did I? All I just said is that it tends to be the non-american developers that make the games that stand out, and I dont mean in terms of popularity.

Naughty Dog make truly amazing games. I am looking forward to The Last of Us. Why did you specify just Naughty Dog too btw? What about all the other developers?

And in response to your edit, the thing is, some (NOT ALL) American developers tend to play it safe. "Oh this shooter is set in our home country, it's gonna be a FPS, and it's going to have a very mediocre story." Sure, most foreign developers like to choose America for a setting too sometimes, but sometimes I think they know the country more than actual American developers do o.O

@below Sorry if i sound it. Had quite a few people on the internet giving me unnessecary abuse recently.

And I quote: "Next we move onto a developer famous for creating one of the best love franchise on the Playstation 3; no it’s not Naughty Dog, it’s British developers Media Molecule."

I see it as a compliment. I said "one of the best loved franchise" and by mentioning Naughty Dog, it recognized their work. But I said Media Molecule because they're British and it's the point of the article. I suppose it sounds different the way you look at it.

Elderly_Cynic2286d ago

Why so defensive? All I said was that this was clearly a matter of OPINION, not FACT. You're entitled to an opinion.

Why did I specificy Naughty Dog? Allow me to quote from your article:

" it’s not Naughty Dog, it’s British developers Media Molecule..." The clear implication is that Little Big Planet is (from the title of the article) 'better' than Uncharted. You may prefer it, and that's your right, but it doesn't make one 'better' than the other.

Personally, I'm not a big fan of the Metal Gear series... they're not bad games, I'm just not a fan. Too many contrivances, to many long, drawn out conversations, too many cutscenes, and not enough actual gameplay for my tastes. So,for you to cite that series as 'evidence' that Japanese developers make 'better' games just proves the point I've been making all along... that this is all a matter of opinion.

Oh_Yeah2285d ago (Edited 2285d ago )

bethesda, naughty dog, rockstar, ubi soft, ea...those are probably the best publishers this gen imo. most of their devs that created there great games are located in north america.

TheColbertinator2286d ago

True but developers come from all countries and singling out the US is unfair.Might as well say non-Canadian developers.

Most of my favorite developers such as Level 5,Bioware,Lionhead,DICE and Sega WOW/AM2 come from all over the world.

Kran2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

Noticed a few commentators are questioning my choice of word being very opinionated.

Sorry but.... it IS an opinion piece. lol

And I just wasted my last bubble. Boo. :P




That comment at the top of the comments was for you, not PostedUp. I was replying at the wrong person.

hiredhelp2286d ago

I want more devs grow a pair start making games based around other country's.

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