Gaming Roots: Goldeneye 007

James Bond has had a rough time gaining any traction in today's video game marketplace. In 1998 and subsequently the spring and summer of '99, before Halo and Call of Duty revamped the gaming landscape, my friends and I were addicted to Goldeneye 007, developed by Rare, for the Nintendo 64.

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Hellsvacancy2338d ago

I spent MANY hours gettin high playing Goldeneye multiplayer as a kid (16)

So many happy memories

Fierce Musashi2338d ago

Ah yes. The multi-player experience was unforgettable, especially with 4 people.

My most fondest memories have to be the 2-vs-2 shoot outs ( especially in the Temple and Bunker ) and when I trolled like hell after I memorized the in-game multi-player invisibility cheat by heart ( despite that being short-lived ). ;3 Ah those cheats...