Keep South Africa out of DotA 2!

South Africa has been Plaguing DotA 2 for too long! Get them off our servers! They feed, they hack, they need to be locked up, preferably on their own server where they can't hurt anyone but themselves.

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wallis2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

This isn't how the world works - you fix problems you don't relegate an entire nation to a dirty little corner. Personally I subscribe to the sentiments of freedom, fairness and civility but I understand that for those with brains made of polystyrene it's not always easy.

I'm not going to explain why this idea is wrong as extensively as I'd like - ill just highlight that someone who pays for a game has the right to enjoy regardless of the actions of others. That means a south African player who isn't an arse has the exact same right to enjoy the game (under the exact same conditions) as anyone else. What you're proposing is like saying "oh statistically someone of a certain ethnicity is more likely to commit a certain crime so let's keep them all out".

But like I said, for those unable to eat cereal without the risk of inhaling the spoon due to their own stupidity it might not always be so easy to understand. Personally though I'd like it if people who thought like this were themselves relegated to a small arena filled with hungry lions for our own amusement.

pr0digyZA2335d ago

Lol this article was meant to trick the Dota guys into giving south african players a server, quite clever.It's a joke because we have such bad ping so he wrote it for that reason, he is South African himself.

wallis2335d ago

Cool, well I'll just sweep my pride up over here and sit in the corner quietly. :P