Xbox 360's messiest specials, combos and finishers

OXM - Sometimes simply defeating your enemy isn't enough. Perhaps you're in a bad mood today. Perhaps this particular enemy stopped you short of a record-setting combo. Perhaps you just don't like his hair. Whatever the reasons, most games offer an easy point of recourse: the time-honoured special or finishing move.

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Skate-AK2289d ago

I came here thinking they would be excuslives and was interested in what they picked. Instead they are all for PS3 also.

360GamerFG2289d ago

How dare they?! OXM is not allowed to talk about games that are on Xbox 360 if they aren't exclusive because being multiplat is actually code for not existing @all!! Right?

Reverent2288d ago

Well.. The title DOES say "Xbox 360's". I don't know, wouldn't it have just made more sense to say, "This Generation's" or something like that?

Eh whatever.