Despite Sony's woes, PlayStation still has fans

It may be late, pricey and facing a crowded market, but the PlayStation 3 (PS3) still created a buzz at a Tokyo game show as Japanese gamers got their first chance to play the new console.

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TheMART5843d ago

Ofcourse, what did you expect. That a fanbase of over 100 million PS2 owners all suddenly dissapear?

And furthermore mod's this is about the same article as the Truth just posted. Are we going to have copy and chance posting duplicates all over?

Come on. Sony sucked @ E3, Sony didn't deliver enough on TGS.

Everyone expected Sony to go big on TGS. They didn't. PS3's heated up on simple games. Many problems. Lines of 70 minutes? Even the not so hot 360 in Japan got lines of 3 hours for Lost Oddyssey and Blue Dragon

By the way, Blue Dragon ingame looked damn fine to me on the Bring It Home video's of TGS!

Now the 360 whows people all the time and even in Japan on TGS.

The PS3 only dissapoints

Sony = overpromissing & underdelivering. Always

ps: Why are these messages, blogs and advertorials posted as news anyway? Get ridd of them mod's do the job properly!

Brandon5843d ago

if 3 hours it's like last year queue for call of duty 2 when some guys wearing a t-shirt from activison played it for about 1 hours... and anyway it depends how much the demo it's longer if it's full ov video or not, for example onimusha 4 was very fast just 1-2 videos and 10 minutes for gameplay, mgs3 subsistence about 10 minutes for 3 round so everyone can play without waiting for hours

PS3 Ultimate5843d ago

You CANNOT compare the number of 360 fans towards PlayStation fans. It is IMPOSSIBLE to compare! The PlayStation family is always the best! Rather its the power OR the games but the PlayStation family usually has the best games. ALWAYS and always will! And dude, ENOUGH sweating ur noobful 360 games such as Blue Dragon and Lost Odessy! They will not sell much in Japan. That I will tell you! Its obvious you X Box fans do NOT want the PlayStation to succeed. It will succeed, period! The future is almost here, with The PLAYSTATION 3!

UrbanJabroni5843d ago

I swear this guy writes a great deal like some of the other posters on this site...

"They will not sell much in Japan. That I will tell you!"

Well, I guess Microsoft should call it a day. I mean, come on, some dude on the internet called "PS3 ultimate" says it won't sell, so I guess they should stop trying. Does anyone have Peter Moore's phone number, we need to tell him before this gets out!

"Its obvious you X Box fans do NOT want the PlayStation to succeed"

Actually, if they are anything like me, they simply want their console to do well. The only issue I have is when it comes to Japanese corporate racism. I'm quite positive the PS3 is a great system, but we all know damn well that this isn't the reason MGS4 and Final Fantasy are being released on it. It has to do with nothing more than corporate racism, because without financial incentives it makes VERY little sense for a company to go platform exclusive this generation.

What I want is an even playing field where we, the American consumers, don't have to worry about buying a specific console because the Japanese companies stick together.

Beyond that, I believe most of us just comment honestly when there is bad news (both PS3 and 360 posters).

TheMART5843d ago

PS3 Ultimate = Lametime

PS3 Ultimate5843d ago

AND another thing. Blue Dragon is not even a good game. They tried to attract Japan by STEALING Dragon Ball Z characters! I could've sworn I saw a dude with adult Gohan's Saiyaman costume! and other characters. What a joke. X Box 360 is a dissappointment. Though it will do good in sales. But nothing compared to the Wii and not even close to The PLAYSTATION 3!

UrbanJabroni5843d ago

Seriously, with review skills like like the following the world is really missing out.

"AND another thing. Blue Dragon is not even a good game. "

I mean, you can totally tell this from a one minute movie and a dozen screenshots. It would save a lot of money of actually having to pay people to review and preview games if they had your talent.

Seriously, what did your post add to this discussion?

I disagree with the idea that mods should outright ban people for making idiotic posts (then none of us would be allowed to write) but I would love some sort of idea where we could vote on posts to move them to the bottom or mark them as flamebait so we don't have to read this garbage.

andy capps5843d ago

Agreed, I like's feature of allowing you to ignore posts by certain users. You always have the option to "click here" if you want to see the message that they posted. I've been calling for this feature on this site for some time now, but I know the mods are probably really busy trying to approve news and clean this place up.

OutpostCommand5843d ago

TheMART, please explain to me how PS3 didnt deliver at TGS.
Eh ?
I think that this TGS has been absolute class.

super bill5843d ago

sony dosent have fans.people who by that crap of a console of a ps3 are mugs another there.

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