CVG- The Last of Us: Is This Already The Best Game of Next Year?

CVG- Hideo Kojima paid a sneaky visit to see The Last of Us at E3, according to a tweet by Naughty Dog boss Ethan Wells, to learn the secrets of why PS3's flagship game looks so fantastic. The answer, as PSM3 discovered during an alternate playthrough of the Sony E3 demo, is down to bearded hero Joel's 'punch lasers'.

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ElitaStorm2289d ago

i usually don't judge a game before a play it, so who knows

dont get me wrong i always do that with every game

HebrewHammer2289d ago


Oh, and CVG must be retarded. EVAN Wells is the co-chair at ND along with Balestra. His name isn't ETHAN. WTF?!

piroh2289d ago

wow, next year we'll see
Last of Us
GOW Ascension
Ni No Kuni
maybe Last Guardian

hard to speak about 2012 GOTY

Lazy_Sunday2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

If you're judging by PS3 games alone, you can make a list--I don't see any 360 games there, but then again your logo is a PS symbol--not that I'm judging lol. But even with Beyond coming out you'd have to be high as hell to think it'll be better than The Last of Us. I mean, don't get me wrong, Heavy Rain was great, but compared to Uncharted? And you really think GoW Ascension is going to be better than a Naughty Dog game? Or Last Guardian? Please. Those are games. You know what Naughty Dog makes? Movies you can play. Cinematic experiences. We all know what's going to happen. Don't play coy. We don't need lists to remind us that the PS3 has exclusives. Be cool bro, be cool.

I might sound like a ND fanboy, but tbh they've made incredible games this gen.

WeskerChildReborned2289d ago

Same here.

It looks good but who knows, i have faith that it will be good since Naughty Dog is making it after all and i like all of their games.

Irishguy952289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

It probably won't to me(was the same with Uncharted, and TPs in general). But it'll be one of my favorites(like Uncharted). Unless they are making this do something really new.

[email protected] LOGIC
I liked the look of it at E3. It's just like Uncharted with some survival aspects instead of just an Action game. Then yeah i'm a fan of post apocalyptic/the brutality that goes along with it. Also the characters seem more fleshed out and stuff than Uncharted, not really Stereotypes. I mean yeah it ain't doing much new and it's not particularly ambitious but well, I know it'll be quality at least and one of my fav games next year. Naughty Dog ~

LOGICWINS2289d ago

The E3 demo didn't really impress me due to lack of originality. It reminded me too much of Uncharted, just without the bombastic setpieces. But the new Comic Con cinematic has me excited for the game. The characters seem very fleshed out.

Relientk772289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

It seemed like Uncharted + Resident Evil/survival horror

too me

SandWitch2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Agree with Relientk77, what caught my attention the most from E3 demo was that you really don't have that many bullets. It's reminds me of classic Resident Evil games, but without that creepy atmosphere.

SandWitch2289d ago

Agree with Relientk77, what caught my attention the most from E3 demo was that you really don't have that many bullets. It's reminds me of classic Resident Evil games, but without that creepy atmosphere.

Machioto2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

@logic you must be smoking crack,the last of claim to originalty is the emphasis of characters emotion and how it is suppose to engross in the story. I think why people see uncharted in the last of us is,because the the character is white and to some resemble a older drake.

LOGICWINS2289d ago

I have a different opinion than yours, CLEARLY I must be on drugs. Btw, character emotions meant to engross a story is nothing new. Play virtually ANY JRPG and ull understand why. The Last of Us(gameplaywise) impresses me on a technical level considering the complex ways enemies react to your actions, but otherwise it just seems like another post apocalyptic shooter to me, even if its more dramactic in tone. Thats just the way I feel, if others feel differently, then I respect that.

BitbyDeath2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

The graphics are similar but the gameplay going for realism instead of action changed things up a bit.

Lack of ammo and not having autoregen health means you will need to think about what you are going to do rather than just leap out and start shooting.

Not to mention the added realism in the confrontations/takedowns.

Machioto2289d ago

@logic I meant do it better than everyone else,I not disagreeing with your opinion but they way remarks come off as,either they're well thought or nonsense,you complain about originality but you seem to not realize that games or movies take a known concept,mechanic theme,to tell a story and that's what are trying to do,by being original in how the end user experience the game.

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FinaLXiii2289d ago

Bioshock Infinite, MGS5 , Last Guardian, Versus 13, GTA5 , Watch Dogs, just to name a few.

I dont care what´s the best of them all but im glad there wont be a obvious awnser for now.

Outside_ofthe_Box2289d ago

Yep a lot of good games potentially coming out next year.

NukaCola2289d ago

We are getting a GOTY in every category. 2013 looks really good.

I am also really pumped for Ni No Kuni.

Relientk772289d ago

I cannot wait for Ni no Kuni

Skateboard2289d ago

Game Of the Year is definitively going to a PS3 title next year, without a doubt. Now get mad.

DigitalRaptor2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Don't know how anyone can disagree with that.

What's gonna be GOTY? Gears of War Judgement? Think again. For Nintendo I can't even think of one. As far add multiplats go, BioShock Infinite will surely grab a few awards. GTA V definitely will.

But you disagrees, think about it. The Last of Us and Ni No Kuni will be sensational games. The Last Guardian and Versus XIII could be out next year too, both as two of the most anticipated games this generation. Beyond: Two Souls - another one. The probability of GOTY being claimed by any console game (or even PC game) other than one on PS3 is quite low. Deal with it.

Edit: a disagree already. Care to comment, or be a bitter rogue?

Admittedly, Planetside 2 looks friggin amazing so that could claim the title, but i'm not so sure it will.

h311rais3r2289d ago

I was unaware you knew about every single game releasing in 2013. Better yet I want your time machine so I can go in the future and play them all like you seem to have. For all we know DayZ might get its own game in 2013 and that is the most original game to come out in a long time

ApolloTheBoss2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I wouldn't make a bold statement like that without considering other AAA titles. Watch Dogs and GTA V are gonna be hard to top.

NastyLeftHook02289d ago

gta was already topped by uncharted with awards score ect, actually every game made to date.

so the last of us is an obvious candidate if not the winner.

CaptainPunch2289d ago

GTA IV came out in 2008, Uncharted came out in 2007.

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