Halo 4 Console Bundle Available For Pre-Order Now

Microsoft earlier this week had taken down the Halo 4 Xbox 360 bundle pack but now once again it is back up available for pre-order and what a beautiful sight it is. The pack comes with a customized 320gb Xbox 360 console along with a standard copy of the game. The console will even make custom sounds each time a disc is ejected or the system is turned on. Here is some amazing shots of the bundle for you to drool over for a second.

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LackTrue4K2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

wait a second.....this one is different from another Halo 4 xbox that was showed Saturday?!? (the other one with chrome letters looked better)

"this looks way sexy then on the one the articular"

ChunkyLover532376d ago

Those are the USNC controllers that are being sold separately.

hellvaguy2376d ago

It says right in the article: "It also includes two custom designed controllers".

ChunkyLover532376d ago

I meant to reply to @onyoursistersback. He listed this link and was thinking those were the controllers that came with the bundle, I was informing him that those are the ones that are being sold separately.

LackTrue4K2376d ago

"thanks" but i seen an image of the USNC controllers with a xbox console and what looks to be a Tritton xbox 360 headset (custom to match too)....(i could not see the system to much cuz it was behind glass, it was shown at Comic-Con)

blainio092376d ago

This is straight from the press release. Controllers shown are the controllers included. all for the 399.99

002376d ago

That's way better then the Halo3 puke green xbox, I want one.