Do Franchises Hurt Gaming?

Andrew O. of - "Well, I don’t think there is a flat out yes or no answer as to whether or not franchises are good for the gaming community. I think it all comes down to looking at a few individual franchises."

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SITH2285d ago

Franchises on hurt gaming when they take away from what made them great in the first place. In morrowind I could create magic spells that would rival absolutely anything in skyrim. Werewolves could leap high and were extremely powerful. In skyrim they are weak and can barely jump a few feet.

Franchises are best when the innovation is strong and growing with each title. Improving on the last is what makes a good franchise. But like the article says, some are out for money. And to those, I will not commit a dime to.

robavila952283d ago

They also hurt gaming when they do what COD did. COD4's success made it a base for many games, but later on COD became crap so any game with a slight resemblance to COD gameplay is more inclined to be considered crap.