GameSpot Dragon Ball Z for Kinect Stage Demo - Comic-Con 2012

GameSpot: "Watch as we demo some of the sweet, sweet Kinect moves in Dragon Ball Z for Kinect from Comic-Con 2012."

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Shadonic2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

It had so much potential but died in the hands of this studio sad thing is that it wouldn't even be that hard to make a good DBZ game with kinect. look at game play of this and then look at game play of ultimate tenkaichi they just added kinect controls and scrapped multiplayer components to not deal with balancing or just plain laziness.

Lucretia2381d ago

with kinect it always only had Zero Potential

unless you count the potential to fail

EVILDEAD3602381d ago

Wow it actually looks kind of fun. Cool use if the license. Liked the announcement of the HD collection as well. Definately intersted to see how it turns out.


Shadonic2381d ago (Edited 2381d ago )

Obj look another ignorant gamer who knows nothing about game design. There's always potential and there's a potential for failure for every game. Saddest thing is that the same people who are bad mouthing this crappy game don't even realize that it's a complete rehash of a dbz game played wih a controller just released this year only with kinect controls. If you can let this developer get away with this and just jump on the bandwagon to be with the crowed. I mean come on Random people can make kinect work with fps games and street fighter it must be just plain laziness for then not to get this up to a good standard even the Cto of the studio designing epic mickey 2 has said this developers are beIng lazy with kinect and you can see when their really trying in games like the gunstringer, child of Eden, kinect sports tties all those Disney brand rush games ibis off with power up heroes and the thousands of indie developers expanding on kinect. I mean honestly downing the thing because th low amount of easy too use hardcore titles is downright dumb. For what reason do you have so much hate for the kinect?i

LackTrue4K2381d ago

ever Kinect game ""HAD SO MUCH POTENTIAL"" LOL.....keep telling your self that... :)

Shadonic2381d ago

Not every kinect game is bad and honestly 90% of people who talk down about it haven't even tried it at its best or seen the awesome stuff it can do because of thinking like yours

Felinox2381d ago

Kinect gets such a bad rap. It really wants to be good but MS cheaped out on its construction. If the. 720 kinect really has two 3d sensors and an on board processor then games like this could be cool.
To bad most core gamers will have too bitter a taste left in thier mouth from first kinect to have open mind with next kinect.

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RyuX192381d ago

So saying Saiyan wrong is the new thing huh. I guess I kinda understand why they are saying because that is literally how it should pronounced, but it's always been pronounced, even in Kai where they pronounce everything right, say-an and not sai-yon. I guess it's kinda like saying Gun-dum rather than Gun-dam.

Lavalamp2381d ago

I prefer to be assertive and shout 'GUNDAMUUUU!'