Top 3 Awesomely Out of Place Video Game Cameos

"Sometimes game developers make, for lack of a better phrase, interesting design choices, when they want to make a statement in their game, infuse themselves in history or just plain get bored. Sometimes they try to fill their games with quirkiness or something they can market as a selling point."

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HammadTheBeast2285d ago

Solid Snake in Monster Hunter Portable 3rd = Pure Awesomeness

Nothing like killing a Tigrex with an RPG to the throat.

The_Hooligan2285d ago

I really enjoyed the cameo by Ricky Gervais in GTA 4.

humbleopinion2285d ago

He actually mentioned Snoop's cameo in Tekken, yet completely ignored the fact he's also a playable character (and the main antagonist) in Def Jam: Fight for New York!?

Research fail.

Conzul2284d ago

Christopher Lee in Freelancer.