Five Things We Need in a Kingdoms of Amalur Sequel

"Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is easily my all-time favorite game. It should come as no surprise, then, that the sudden collapse of 38 Studios was a very painful moment for me, as it surely meant the end of what could potentially the biggest RPG series of the generation, and of generations to come. "

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shammgod2284d ago

Didn't this company collapse. Not sure if a sequel is happening.

sllshrm2284d ago

The IP can still be picked up by other companies...

Bebedora2284d ago

I disagree with too few races to choose from. First, it will be too diverse to the makers. Fitting all elements to the game is essential. With lots of different possible characters will make a bad result. Keep this core small and work more on the same "core".
Extend and build on what is there.

While reading the rest, I saw the downfall of every mistake a franchise could do. Watering it down with a plethora of different elements not giving ANYTHING to the game but making it less fun.

And online...?? Really? I have to digress. This sucks the soul out of a game and makes everything mediocre. Everything has to be built on multiplayer aspects. It just limits the game so much.

The guy/gal writing this should play more simulation games. Like Railroad Tycoon or something.

What Amalur II needs are a better story and build-up of anticipation. Too much side story that didn't bring me in to the main while side questing. I lost the plot while making the levels.

I loved the heck out of the game. The environment was seldom the same and at the same time alluring and gorgeous to be walking in. The combat..He got it right, very similar to God of War. That cannot be a bad thing. People have complained on it to be too easy. I didn't mind that though. I wanted to get to the end of the game and at the same time feel my hero made an impact to the story. This kind of games are made for a "monty hall" campaign.

MysticStrummer2284d ago

""Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning is easily my all-time favorite game."

No need for me to read further. I thought the game was ok, but there are many better games just from this gen.