Italian Console LTD sales

Italy November Hardware Chart

1 DS: 105.000
2 PS3: 69.000
3 PS2: 67.500
4 WII: 40.500
5 PSP: 31.000
6 X360: 20.000

Italy December Hardware Chart

1 DS: 215.000
2 PS2: 117.500
3 PS3: 91.500
4 WII: 85.500
5 PSP: 39.000
6 X360: 30.000

2007 Totals
PS3: 357.500
Wii: 236.000
360: 160.000

LTD Hardware:
1 PS2: 5.195.500
2 DS: 1.819.500
3 PSP: 992.500
4 PS3: 357.500
5 X360: 331.000
6 WII: 273.000

source :- Gfk

courtesy of Kallisto76 at Neogaf

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zambrota4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

downgraded the ps3 numbers by 20k

upgraded the xbox 360 numbers by 20k

PS3 4,813 346,344

X360 2,371 349,604

NOTE :- Vgchartz is also underestimating weekly ps3 sales in Germany and overstating xbox 360 sales. There is no way xbx would sell 70% of what the ps3 sells per week in Italy

same goes to German charts. PS3 is selling even better than wii in germany. There is no way ps3 and xbox sales in Germany would be that close (weekly)

anecdotal sales eveidence - Burnout paradise (ps3) no1 at Amazon Germany

Vg is also wrong in OTHER numbers

There is no way xbox would outsell ps3 there since Middle easterns dont buy US products anymore

why dont the MEasterns buy US products?

It is because 90% of middle easterners are muslims and so they dont buy US products after Iraq invasion.

Vg has xbox outselling ps3 in middles east?

mikeslemonade4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

Looks like Italy is one of the smartest countries in the world. Unlike the U.S. who like to buy faulty consoles and current gen pretend systems.

jams_shop4739d ago

The PS3 is selling very well with just a few AAA games

zambrota4739d ago

when GT5 lands in eu there will be total chaos everywhere.

mgs4 and ff13 are just huge games in eu

jams_shop4739d ago

Don't even go there.

This are good times to be a gamer. Everyone 2008 is going to be even better than 2007.

zambrota4739d ago

especially with such an awesome lineup it is hard not to get excited

Plus i am waiting for the LOTR trilogy on Blu Ray too.

Never in my dreams did i even imagine that SONY would win the format war this fast

Snukadaman4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

thats what happens when sony is so deep up your rectum.....

@whoop..theres no doubt in my mind sony will do quite well in 2008...just that it has too be hammered on your head by this idiot nasim/zambrota is the problem i have...notice..not only did he report the news but he allready has 4 posts with almost the exact same thing...its called spamming isnt it? and thats one of the things that your not suppose to do in the guidelines...this moron swears up and down i have more then one account ...sorry nassy but i only have one..

zambrota4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

why troll shamelessly even when your 4th level account was banned by the admin.

You are already reported for POSSESSING multiple ACTIVE accounts.

lol enejoy the ps3 carnage in europe


i have posted 4 comments containing the same WORDS....too bad??

no one cares cuz they can see the difference and they know you are ABNORMAL.

i have same posts containing same WORDS and SAME thing??????

OMGGGG abnormal xbot cant even think properly

Whoooop4739d ago

"thats what happens when sony is so deep up your rectum"

haha had to laugh with that line..

now seriously you gotta admit the PS3 is seeling much better and 2008 started pretty good for the PS3.

Snukadaman4739d ago

here he is planning his next strategic move on the extinction of all xbots in his laboratory.....

redwingsrock4739d ago

AHAHAHA fell out of my chair laughing

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Amagai Shuusuke4739d ago

I'm guessing the Italians aren't very big Xbox fans.

zambrota4739d ago

except some old xbox owners in the states who are converting to xbox 360.

where is the xbox 360 outselling ps3 except USA (for the time being only)

dont bring up Vgchartz. You can clearly see that their Italian numbers are wrong too

Whoooop4739d ago

Italians being xbox fans??? forgetaboutit

Whoooop4739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

I got a f*king double post my friend!!! Imma get Jimmy, Paulie and Tommy to settle this.... capise??

WilliamRLBaker4739d ago

based upon? cause last i checked....LTD
1 PS2: 5.195.500
2 DS: 1.819.500
3 PSP: 992.500
4 PS3: 357.500
5 X360: 331.000

oh and mind you that was after insane launch sales like free hdtvs, and 3 price drops in its first year....

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power of Green 4739d ago

I see the lash back posts are already being dug up.

chrno64739d ago (Edited 4739d ago )

wow, the ps3 even beats the wii there. I guess pretty soon the ps3 will be first place in other regions of Europe.

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