GTA V Screenshots Are Next-Gen Quality?

Since the GTA V reveal trailer way back in November last year the rumour mill has been turning quicker than the wheel of a Lamborghini. It’s slowed in pace however, in the light of the fact that Rockstar really haven’t released any further information. Until now.

With Rockstar releasing two brand new screenshots from inside the GTA V world in a recent ‘Asked and Answered’ post (the aftermath of which we’re still currently right in the eye of) it’s started gathering momentum all over again.

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LOGICWINS4097d ago

Actually, when you blow these screenshots up to full size, the visuals only look a tad better than GTA4.

Hisiru4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

It's "PC quality".

Oh... I just tried it, youre right.

jizzyjones4097d ago

Full-screen the trees are still card board cut outs.....still this gen alright

DA_SHREDDER4097d ago

I don't know why graphics are such a big deal? The games are fun. San Andreas is ugly as hell and still one of my favorite games of all time.

WeskerChildReborned4097d ago

Are the pictures HD? Or is it just standard?

black9114097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Just imagine if it was a PS3 exclusive. GTA was ment to be a pS3 exclusive.

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TronEOL4097d ago

Sure, it may look pretty, but when the draw distance is tiny, and the city lacks any life unless you're within 50 or so feet radius, people will understand why a new generation is needed.

Open world games become lifeless at a certain distance from the ground, or even while on the ground because the hardware can't have all that stuff happening at once.

It was very noticeable in Saints Row The Third, and I kept dreaming about how awesome a game like that would be for next gen consoles. The graphics didn't even have to change much, I just wanted a bigger/more detailed game world.

Pintheshadows4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Watch Dogs looked like a step in the right direction with plenty of traffic and pedestrians and the attention to detail with rubbish being caught in the breeze etc. If that's where open world titles are heading i'm happy.

I'm with you fully to be honest. Open worlds are great but in some aspects GTA in particular hasn't moved forward since 3 and I think that is indicative of tech holding them back in some areas.

Next gen i'd like huge draw distances but maintain the detail so we can still make out cars, rather than just having disembodied lights when you're in a helicopter and hopefully the odd haze will be gone. I'd also like the ghost town lulls that GTA in particular is guilty of to be a thing of the past. And while i'm at it enough with the same vehicles spawning constantly. That has been an issue in both SR and GTA.

I just want to add as well, the helo picture basically confirmed to me it's current gen. It looks just a bit better than TBOGT and still has that odd haze that i'm not overly keen on. I expect next gen will be a big step up for open world titles in particular.

PoSTedUP4097d ago

exactly. the graphics could stay the same, i really just want more to do like in san andreas and vice city with improved reality. i hope they make the popins and keep the action going from a farther draw distance. also add the old easy accessible cheat codes. : P that would be win

WeskerChildReborned4097d ago

I know what you mean, i wish in the future, games would be able to support alot of characters and vehicles on screen.

camel_toad4097d ago

Yeh it looks really nice for this gen but I would think and hope next gen looks better than that.

Ramas4097d ago

whats dogs looked like next gen, gta 5 looks this gen, even if it is quite nice looking.

Awesome_Gamer4097d ago

Watch Dogs was running on a high-end PC that's why it looked next-gen, these GTA V screenshots are console shots (confirmed by B3D to be 720p with Fxaa)

Axonometri4097d ago (Edited 4097d ago )

Uh Yea guys,

Those images were scaled down and pixels were thrown out in the process. Up-scaling them to full screen(whatever your full screen res is) is not going to look anything like what will be rendered on screen... PC nor console.

koh4097d ago

Pretty sure they're referring to the images that rockstar themselves posted on their website in the full size. That's where I went to view the images at least. I think the trees are where it's most obvious that it's this-gen, but that's just my take.

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Bubbalove0071d 13h ago

Was a nice read! GTA V needs to end though. I need my GTA VI fix lol

TallDarknWavy1d 1h ago

It's still around because all the creative people who had any vision left the company due to mismanagement, greed (not paying bonuses, same as Modern Warfare 2 devs back in the days of old Infinity Ward) and no vision of what GTA 6 should look like, settings, playable characters etc.
GTA 6 has been in development hell since 2013 right after GTA 5's initial PS3/360 launch. You can't make great games without creative people and this proves it.

22h ago
cammers199515h ago

Because sheep keep buying shark cards and in game currency.

-Foxtrot16d ago

Crazy that with how big Rockstar are they've only done GTAV and RDR2 within the past 10 years

Knightofelemia16d ago (Edited 16d ago )

10 years and on three console generations and they are still milking the game.

Flewid63815d ago

Cant milk something if people aren't buying it.

sadraiden15d ago

No, I think you can still say it's being milked if people are buying it. You milk a cow right? So you don't just throw the milk out, you sell it.

ClayRules201216d ago

Man, to think how excited I was when GTA5 released 10 years ago, today…wonderful times!

I’m grateful that GTA5 was a big success, sales wise on Day 1 with $800 million made and hitting the 1 billion mark by day 3 of its release of memory serves me correct, a groundbreaking feat, showcasing the power of the GTA name, it’s popularity and impact in the gaming world that knows no bounds, with continually striving to revolutionize the open world landscape, it’s always a thrill, thanks to Rockstar and their incredible team. But dang, that online MP, it’s a blessing and curse. Knowing it delivered some good times for my friends and myself, along with others all over the world (never spent a penny on it) but how people just bought shark cards, Rockstar just milking it, it just blows my mind how things could’ve been different if the MP wasn’t as successful or better yet, was as successful as it turned out to be, but R* hadn’t become greedy and changed when all that cash started to flow in from the online mode. Maybe then we could’ve actually gotten some other follow up games from beloved properties that they own such as Max Payne, Manhunt, L.A. Noire 2 etc.

Anyways, hopefully the money made from GTA5’s online will truly benefit both the SP and online MP modes (not just the online MP with the possibility of a changing world etc) but that the SP story/open world which I’m not too worried about really brings groundbreaking tech to once again revolutionize the open world landscape, while also expanding upon the amazing and revolutionary things that RDR2 introduced with the NPC’s etc. But also, referring to GTA6 there’s talk about R* having hired 20 people supposedly for just the new water simulation stuff that R* wants to accomplish with the game being set in Vice City, oh the possibilities.

Either way, I’ve been far removed from Los Santos and will NEVER be returning. I look forward to making my new residence Vice City, hopefully within the next year or so😂🙏🏼

chicken_in_the_corn15d ago

We definitely wouldn't have gotten any other games from Rockstar as they merged their studios to develop RDR2.