Nintendo Wii U Price Range: Likely to Cost under $400

Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft all are working on next generation gaming consoles. However, Nintendo will be first to launch the Wii U by the end this year. The Japanese electronics giant can follow the same approach as Google did with the Nexus 7 tablet - affordable price - to make Wii U a big hit. And reportedly, the gaming console will cost under $400.

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remanutd554096d ago

i think $299.99 would be an ideal price for the wii U

yabhero4096d ago

I'm going keep saying $349.99 or 225 pounds until proven otherwise...

PygmelionHunter4096d ago

I'm with yabhero on this one.

jboy4096d ago

Yea i rekon yabhero is on the money i was thinking £225/250

coolman2294095d ago

The Wii U will not retail for 599 US dollars. That's all I know.


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