OUYA: An in-depth look

Everything you need to know about the OUYA. Included in the article is also an interview with the CEO of OUYA, conducted by

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PirateThom2290d ago

I hope no one is falling for this scam.

chasegarcia2289d ago

It is an idea that if you want to bring to life you fund it @ kickstarter

PirateThom2289d ago

I'm not sure why I'm getting disagrees for this, for a $99 Android box with specs on par with most mid-range phones that connects to a TV?

There's two issues here, at $99 it's selling for a loss because an Android licence is about $60 and that doesn't account for hardware, manufacturing or shipping. The other issues are this has been attempted before, with Zeebo.

At the end of the day, it's going to run nothing more than the standard Android games we have and games like it because, if the developers this is aimed at aren't developing these games now, why are they going to get a game to market via this?

dcbronco2289d ago

They might be interested because it has a controller and doesn't come with a $10 per copy license fee.

ziggurcat2289d ago

an in-depth look:

it's going to suck.

MGregory6662289d ago

As a indie developer you have no idea how much were looking forward to this becoming available and having access to develop games for a console.

DA_SHREDDER2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

I can't wait till one day average joe's like me can make games on an open network. I heard the dev kits weren't expensive. I think even Sony sells their dev kits to indie devs for $150 bucks.

Oh, and I'm gonna get this just so i can use the NES era to ps2 era emulators. Sure i can do that on my lap top but with Ouya they are gonna have the controller standard so, ya. Can't wait!

taquito2289d ago

competition is good, and obviously there is a need in the market for new gaming devices, ms and sony have failed to deliver anything new for the past 6 to 7 years, people want new toys, why is that hard to comprehend?

my little brother was playing mass effect infiltrater on his iphone today, and i asked him what he was playing, he was like

"dude, i got this for 99 cents on sale, it looks better than mass effect 3 on my 360"

i took a quick look, he explained the controls, and while I think his estimate of it looking "better" than the 360 version may have been a bit off, it certainly didnt have all the jaggies and pop-in. If I'm honest, it played about the same, move to the next section, shoot some nameless drones.....ect...

anyway, the real issue is, the ps3 and 360 have been around for a VERY, VERY long time, people want new stuff, maybe not the die-hards here on n4g, but the average consumer is 100% BORED with ps3/360

the wiiu is going to sell a SHIT-TON of consoles this fall!