NA PlayStation Store Preview: July 17, 2012

PSU writes: "Every Tuesday, a host of digital content drops on the North American PlayStation Store. But you don't have to wait until Tuesday to find out what's coming. Look no further than our PlayStation Store Preview for a glimpse of the games, add-ons, and discounts that are right around the corner."

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Hazmat132340d ago

why no u have PS2 classics!

cpayne932340d ago

Seriously, makes me wonder how hard it is to just put the freakin things on the store. Hopefully we'll see more and more psp games become vita compatible.

PoSTedUP2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

or ps2 games become vita compatible... FF12 O_O. i just made myself feel so bad knowing this will never happen -_-.

bostoner2340d ago

Or even the freakin MiNiS. Only about 6 out of 60+ of mine copy over.

2339d ago
WeskerChildReborned2340d ago

Look's good. I wonder if their will be anything for PS+.

Soldierone2340d ago

I hope so....I hope we get Deus Ex....

WeskerChildReborned2340d ago

Yea me too, i heard it was free in the EU PS store so maybe we'll get it.

DivineAssault 2339d ago

SMDH... Give us westerners Valyrie profile series, Star Ocean series, & most of Vanillia Wares games damnit! I traded my PSP + accessories & games to get vita thinking i can "rebuy them all later on ps store" & some of my top favs aint available to download just yet! Enix along with many others made some fantastic JRPGs for psp i want back! I got Lunar & a FEW others but i still want Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth damnit!!!