Minecraft Skin Pack 1 full list revealed

XBLAFANS writes: Although many Minecraft players are enjoying today’s piston-filled update, they’re still wearing those old Steve-centric rags. That will all change Monday, July 16 when Skin Pack 1 drops with this season’s hottest fashions. While some of the new skins have been trickling out over the past week, the full list has finally been revealed. The pack will include skins from popular XBLA games such as Trials Evolution, Fable: Heroes, Banjo-Kazooie, and Splosion Man.

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GroundsKeeperJimbo2376d ago

Right On. 45 Skins - 160MSP ($2)

iTs_IDemonik2376d ago

It would be cool if you could change the creepers skin too, just to make themes, for example Your skin as Master Chief and the creepers as grunts and brutes, maybe dye a sheep gray with blue eyes and call it 343 guilty spark lol