Wii To Bypass Lifetime GameCube Sales Within Next Few Weeks

Nintendo's financial results for the previous quarter, released earlier today, were nothing less than impressive. What's even potentially more impressive was how quickly it appears the Wii will overtake lifetime-to-date sales of its predecessor, the Nintendo GameCube. According to Nintendo's own numbers, the GameCube had sold 21.72 million units over the course of its six year-plus lifespan, as of December 31, 2007. The Wii, just 14 months on the market, has sold 20.13 million, putting the waggle-box a mere 1.59 million units behind the 'Cube.

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cooke154379d ago

Wow in less than a year and a half Wii will have sold more than 21 million wich cube did in 5. Crazy

mikeslemonade4379d ago

I'm surprised it took this long.

barom4379d ago

same. i mean unless you include dreamcast, gamecube came in last last-gen.

INehalemEXI4379d ago

WTG Ninty, I Hope they bring Onechanebera Revolution to the US.

wiizy4379d ago

wow nintendo has a monster on their hands.. especially with how much they will sell this year