Criterion flaunts NFS Most Wanted's car list starting with 'American Dream Machines'

VVV: "In the press conferences earlier this year, the folk from Criterion were very adamant that their reboot of 'Most Wanted' would have the most diverse car roster for any Need for Speed game, ranging from lightweight track specials to huge pickups and SUVs.

And now, with only a short while to go until it hits the shelves, we're starting to get a glimpse of what licensed vehicles will be appearing in the game, with Criterion's latest blog post highlighting five American cars."

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FriedGoat2313d ago

I just want burnout paradise 2 :(

Skate-AK2313d ago

That picture of the truck looks awesome.

tachy0n2313d ago

i hope the magnificent european and japanese car crusher Dodge Viper ACR is in the game!! :')

chrisarsenalsavart2313d ago

last gen, criterion made some of the finest games with burnout and black but completely lost their creative edge this gen. I blame EA for that for obviously tying them down to projects unworthy of their talent.