Don't compare the 3DS to the PlayStation Vita

Stevo writes: Nintendo and Sony fanboys and fangirls have been at each other's throats for a while now over the 3DS vs. PS Vita debate. What most people don't realise that the argument is actually obsolete

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Hicken2291d ago

They're going to be compared, despite their differences, because of their similarities, the most of which is that they're in the same market. But there ARE differences.

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kingofe32291d ago

I decided what I want with my wallet and what content each system can bring me. I chose to buy a 3DS because the software they showed ever since day one got me. Kingdom Hearts, Mario, Kid Icarus, Dead or Alive, etc. When I saw the Vita's, I decided to wait until there is more to show because I didn't find anything I would personally buy the system for, granted there are many titles someone would recommend to you (Gravity Rush, Uncharted, Mortal Kombat, etc.).

At the moment, the 3DS upcoming software appeals more to me, then the Vita's IMO. Not saying that there isn't anything on the Vita that I wouldn't want(Sly 4, Persona 4, just to name a few) just not enough for me. I don't dislike Sony at all, I've been playing both companies games ever since I was kid and I wish both of them to succeed. Call me a fanboy or whatever, but at the end of the day its up to you for what you want. Also, there is no need to diss another system's line-up if you don't like it.

FriedGoat2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

You said "since day one"? They showed barely any software. The 3DS was the most boring device I had ever owned in the first 6 months, until starfox and zelda came out. (two ports I might add)
I've owned both consoles from launch and i've decided its all about whether you want high budget, good looking 20+ hour games (Vita) or Low budget, 5+ hour nintendo franchises (3DS) Unfortunately most of the world would rather have Mario than any real content.

kingofe32291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

Wow, first I meant ever since they first unvieled it at E3 from that point on.

Second, I don't believe you own a 3DS because Mario games aren't 5 hours long. In fact, no Nintendo game I have played so far (Kid Icarus, Mario Kart,Zelda Ocarina of Time, and Super Mario 3D Land) are 5 hours long at all. Kid Icarus Uprising was one of the most content packed games I have ever played. I haven't even unlocked everything in Mario Kart or 3D Land (you know those hidden levels after you beat the game). And Zelda was more than 20 hours for me. Also, I don't just play first party games nor did I get every launch game, so there were games to play.

These are my personal opinions on how I feel about both consoles. I don't know any Mario game on the 3DS that was 5 hours long, so I assume you're trolling.

live2play2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

haha xD
oh wait U serious o-0

they did SHOW software they didnt RELEASE software
theres a difference and he said SHOWED software
what you are talking about is RELEASED software

which they did SHOW alot of games

and c'mon lets be honest here

MOST (not all) of nintendos franchises have long play times

while the bigger more flashy games from other systems TEND to be (not ALWAYS) 6-7 hours long

FriedGoat2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

I completed Super Mario 3d land with all star coins in 5 hours. You may call me a liar but its true, each level is like 1 minute to two minutes long. add up the levels and you will realise I am telling the truth. My friend code is 3523-2064-6907 tag FrIeD-GoAt if you would like to debate this over Nintendo Letterbox. on my imaginary 3DS with ambassador games.

Jadedz2290d ago

I just don't agree with this line,

"The 3DS was the most boring device I had ever owned in the first 6 months."

Maybe the 3DS ain't for you? I believe it does feature NDS playback, so that in itself is something ponder over about.

kingofe32290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

@FriedGoat That doesn't prove anything. If you want better proof show how long it took to complete the game from the 3DS itself. Also, no way can you expect to complete the entire game itself including the special worlds in 5 hours. It's not even possible. I'm not even going to go into furthur discussion with you about this.

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DarkHeroZX2290d ago

FRiedgoat is right 3ds mario games are dumbshort. I beat mario 3Dland extremely fast, I didn't get everything or beat all the extra levels but the main story was done in less then 5 hours. But the same can be said fo a lot of other games for both handhelds. But I love the current games on Vita right now and I can wait until sept-december for more games.

CommonSenseGamer2291d ago

Big difference, one is constantly outselling the other by 2:1 or greater.

Killman2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

$170 vs. $250

Gee, I wonder why. Also, lets not forget that the casual market is far larger than the core. Guess which one just LOVES Nintendo more than anyone else?

yabhero2290d ago

That's funny because both systems right are selling abd advertising to the core more right now. Trying to say that most of the 3ds sales are casual is totally unfair...

r212291d ago

yes but one is making a profit while the other is selling at a loss.

bothebo2290d ago

One gives you a pile of poop while one gives you gold.

kikizoo2290d ago

Big differences : one generation ahead technicly, like for psp vs ds, ps3 vs wii, etc, 2 analogs sticks, more and better games in the futures (thanks to power), way more better and bigger screen, look not like a cheap toy, 3G, crossplay, etc etc

only fanboyz care about sales...(forgetting how 3Ds was not selling before price cut)

yabhero2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

It sold 4 million before the price cut... Vita hasn't broken 2 mil yet...
That said I love them both. I don't own vita but a demoed it...gravity rush was awesome, but the back touch pissed me off for FIFA... Uncharted ga was my first uncharted, but since I've beaten 2 and started 3.
As for getting one, I have limited resources and a just got a ps3 do I'm focusing on uncharted 2/3 and ac2 and mass effect and batman arkham asylum.

Hicken2290d ago

Amazing that someone whose name includes "common sense" uses so little of it.

First of all, the sales or preorders of smartphones and tablets don't indicate ANYTHING related to gaming. Games are NOT the primary reasons for those numbers. No offense, but only an idiot would think otherwise.

As for sales, that's an amazingly poor "difference." It's based on far more important differences, like libraries, target markets, and market life. Sales is a by-product of these things, and is thus not important to consider.

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