Nintendo: PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 Will Not Overpower Wii U

"Nintendo's Wii U platform is just months away from being on store shelves and while the PlayStation 4 and Xbox 720 have yet to be announced, Satoru Iwata, President of Nintendo recently commented on his belief that the next PlayStation and Xbox will have 'fewer differentiators in graphics' than the current generation of video game consoles. Understanding the power of the Wii U, I discuss Iwata's recent statement and whether or not I believe what he is stating."

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remanutd552290d ago

what? i can't believe the title of this article? did they really say that? ok im not gonna judge right now i will wait to see ps4 launch titles first and then compare them with ZombieU (best looking wiiU launch title)

PopRocks3592290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Keyword being 'launch' title. Compare Call of Duty 2 to Halo 4 or Gears of War 3. Compare Resistance 1 to The Last of Us. If ZombiU is the best looking Wii U launch title, I think the future of the console is not exactly dim.

Oy... I can only imagine the onslaught of comments once this article gets approved. I know I'm going to get a million disagrees for it but hear me out here.

The Wii U is being made using a modern architecture, unlike the Wii. So the specs are more up to date. The upcoming Microsoft and Sony consoles will come out at least a year or two later. YES, they will have superior technology, but not enough so to leave the Wii U with nothing.

In the end, it's speculation on my part but I believe it's also speculation on the part of skeptics as well. The reason for it is just like me, no one who would argue against my point know the specs for Wii U or its upcoming competition.

EDIT: I'd like to add that the moron in the video lost me the moment he started suggesting that the Wii U was on par with the PS3 and 360.

No. It's not. Power7 based multi-core processors from IBM are not "on par" with six/seven year old technology. Don't believe the Wii U has one?

There it is; scroll down and read the specs, particularly what it says for "CPU."

Hisiru2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Wait... What? YOU are actually waiting for the release date of the console before you judge it? huh? Are you actually thinking logically? What the hell happened with you old remanutd? I can't believe all the fanboyism is gone, but it's for the good I guess.

As for ZombiU, some WiiU games will be announced at gamescon and Nintendo already confirmed they have third and first party games to reveal (that will launch this year and next year), so we don't know yet if ZombiU is the best looking launch game, but hey, ZombiU is really improving since E3, so maybe it will look even better at launch?

Maybe we should wait as you suggested and see. I can't believe youre actually saying we should wait before we judge it. Woow... I can already see an evolution here at N4G.

blitz06232290d ago

It depends on how you define "Overpower".

Like many articles have stated, the improvements from PS3 to PS4 and 360 to 720 (or Xbox 8) will NOT be as big as PS2->PS3.

Just look at current-gen games. Agreed, they can still look better, but it's really hard to imagine a difference as big as PS1->PS2->PS3.

Now, the Wii U is a BIG leap from the Wii considering the fact that the Wii wasn't built to be a console powerhouse, hence Iwata says the PS4 and 720 will not overpower it.

Still, it is disappointing to see the Wii playing catch up. Overpowered or not, the PS4 and the 720 will be levels above the Wii U.

ShinMaster2290d ago

Anyway, speculations about the PS4 and 720 are useless at this point when we know nothing about them.
However, Sony has talked about this before and the PS4 is guaranteed to overpower it.
By how much? Who knows.

BattleAxe2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Nintendo is delusional if they actually think what the title of the article says. The WiiU can barely keep up with the PS3 depending on who you talk to in the industry.

@ Hisiru

You suck..

Veneno2289d ago

Why are you telling people to take the wait -and -see aproach toward the Wii U vs. the next Xbox and PS4? Obviously Nintendo isn't so why should anyone else?

theaceh2289d ago

IMO Sony and Microsoft may come with much more powerful machines than the wiiU NextGen, but the difference (at least for a while) may not be as noticeable in terms of graphics. Here's why:

1) By the time Sony and Microsoft launch their new consoles the wiiU will be (speculating here) almost 2 years old. Enough time to build a respectable install base.

2) Third Party Developers today (for reasonable economic reasons) abide to a "code once deploy everywhere" development process. This usally means they will focus on the console that represents the "lowest common denominator", in this case the wiiU. This will obviously prevent them from taking full advantage of what the other (more powerful) systems have to offer, which makes games look slightly better across platforms.

They only exception to this may come in the form of exclusives that (hopefully at launch) could really take advantage of each system's technical features. Can't wait to see Gran Turismo and Gears of War on Next Gen consoles.

victorGma212289d ago

Youre probably right, but people will give you tons of disagrees, thats how it works here.

THESONYPS32289d ago

I can confirm that the PS4 is alot more powerful.

Spydiggity2289d ago

zombie U isn't impressive looking

Army_of_Darkness2289d ago

ZombiU and new super mario brothers are launch titles and completely exclusive to wiiU, but those games don't even come close in comparison to uncharted 3 or gears 3?!?!
Which is why I'm 100% confident that Sony's ps4 will indeed over-power the wiiU like they said hands down.

greenpowerz2289d ago

It's not clear to you that Nintendo is doing panic damage control? There's a reason why Nintendo keeps insecurely mentioning 720 and sometimes PS4 too.

wishingW3L2289d ago

Wii U is having a hard time surpassing current gen with its launch tittle and PS4 and the next Xbox will only widen that margin. Wii U is current gen tech and a bunch of gimmicky controllers.

PopRocks3592289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Well... it's nice to know that most of the people who replied to my comment continuing this idiotic trend of "Wii U is current gen" didn't even read the comment they replied to.

How exactly does current generation hardware have a Power7 based CPU in it? How does current generation hardware have the ability to run Unreal Engine 3 at max as well as Unreal Engine 4? Neither the PS3 nor the 360 can do that.

Computersaysno2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

If Wii U is only a bit faster than current gen then of course it will be hugely overpowered, assuming a new Xbox or PlayStation goes for the very top end tech.

Anyone that pretends there can't be a leap like before obviously has not seen a gaming PC right now, nor the Samaritan and UE4 tech demos in 1080p etc.

Wii U will be crushed technologically if it is only a couple times faster than the current machines, because the best single GPUs around now are more than 10 times as fast, and they will be practical to fit into a console that might be launched in say 18 months...aka PS4/Next xbox.

Unless Nintendo have built some sort of powerhouse...which looks more and more unlikely the more games i see running on it. There is no real leap there over PS3 and 360. We would have seen it by now. Nintendo would be crowing over it.

geddesmond2289d ago

Man you don't have a clue. The jump we seen with this gens launch titles to games now was because developers were still building there engines, figuring out what works and writing the code for this gen. With the Wii U all those engines are built and companies have loads of the latest code to use. Just because Zombie U looks a bit better than most games out doesn't mean you will see later Wii U games look heaps better. Just some logic here.

Also what happened to nintendo fanboys not caring about graphics lol. Oh graphics are important once your company of choice can compete lol seriously get real here.

theoneb2289d ago

@blitz0623 Thats why no "official" specs have been released for either "Next Gen" System.

Me pesonally if the next consoles dont produce Pixar quality visuals, which were promised since PS2 by the way, I will be very dissapointed.

I think Sony and MS know this and are struggling with being able to release something that powerfull 250>400

Gaming1012289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Nintendo, I have 5 words for you: BA HA HA HA HAAAAAAA

edgeofsins2289d ago

Wii U has great graphics definitely better then PS3 and Wii from what is said about it and some of what we have seen but class wise it isn't as close to top of the line as xbox 360 and ps3 were when they came out. If PS3 and 360 release the new consoles with chips in the same class of their time they will likely be having decently better graphics.

TedCruzsTaint2289d ago


The latest graphics cards are indeed tremendously more powerful than what we get with the current consoles. Ten times more powerful, at least for the higher class cards, is being a bit modest even.

At the same time, it has already been rumored, to a large degree, that the class of gpu set to be used in both the ps3 and 360 are rather low-end by today's standards, let alone about two years down the road.

The point I am trying to make is, don't expect too much from the next generation. I am thinking overall visual quality won't go up by a significant degree, but games will display in 'full HD' (1080p) and possibly at higher frames than console players are used to.

For me, this was probably my last generation of consoles. At least as my main gaming platform. I am not sitting through the better part of a decade, again, paying full retail for middle-of-the-road versions of games.

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mike1up2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

---"ok im not gonna judge right now i will wait to see ps4 launch titles first and then compare them with ZombieU (best looking wiiU launch title)".

Your Sony Fanboy is evolving!
Sony Fanboy has evolved into Logical Person!

So, this is all Nintendo had to say to make you reserve your judgement until the consoles actually launch?

mike1up2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )


I am Nintendo Fanboy, so what? I've been one since the 80's, and don't plan on changing.

Imo SOME Sony Fanboys on this site are just obnoxious. The ones that only comment in WiiU articles to talk about the PS4. They have not seen detailed specs for any of the 3 consoles, but claim superiority.

It is only the accepted arrogance that I cannot stand.

Dark_king2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

@mr_mike the next Xbox and PlayStation will of course be more powerful then the WiiU no if and's are buts about that.Though it will have a heavy hit on the wallet I expect around 800 usd for the PS4.

An before anyone says that is to expensive Sony always starts off losing money on there consoles.I don't expect they will be able to this time so they will have to charge a good bit for it.I assume they will have the biggest system launch lineup every.With lots of day 1 releases to get people to buy the system at the high price point.
Just think a day 1 GT game would bring in a few million sells at 1000 usd.Sony knows this,day 1 GT with a new uncharted a 3d LBP and some brand new FPS(are a nicely timed release the same day as COD for the next gen system)I expect something in every genre on day one to bring in as many people at the high price point as possible.

Now to all those saying the next gen jump will not be as big as the ps2 to ps3 are a bit foolish it will be larger.Simply going from 720 to 1080p is a larger jump then 480 to 720P.Thats just the Graphics jump the real jump will be the CPU's.We should be getting some much better physics and Ai as well.

StanSmith2289d ago


Sorry but your post is nonsense.

Do you really believe Sony will sell the PS4 for $800 and people will buy it because of Uncharted Littlebigplanet and Gran Turismo?
I'm glad you don't work for Sony because you would kill their gaming division with that kind of logic.

As far as 720p to 1080p being a bigger jump, no it is not. Most can't even tell the difference between 1080p and 720p on 1080p native games on consoles. The resolution jump is not what the next gen is about. It will be about better physics, AI and better AA and Frames per second. Sure graphics will improve, but they won't jump like they did from PS2 to PS3. Anyone expecting a bigger leap in graphical power will be dissappointed.

There really won't be that big of a difference between WiiU, PS4 and the new Xbox. Next gen will be more along the lines of Last Gen. Nobody will be left behind in regards to third party games. In this economy and with developers and console manufacturers having to tighten their belts, next gen will not have a PS2 to PS3 kind of jump from Sony and Microsoft. If either of them go that far, it's a guaranteed failure because it will be far too expensive for consumers. They will become the next gen dreamcasts.

Dark_king2289d ago

@StanSmith first yes people will pay 800 usd for a ps4 for a new GT game guess you don't know gt lovers.I threw the others in because I feel Sony would want to try and get as many people to buy the system at that price before they drop the price.
That price point sounds about right for what will be a real next gen system.Regardless of what you think the next gen system will not be as weak as the Wii U they will easily be at least twice as powerful.think of the ps2 jump to ps3 the same will happen with the ps4.So that's what 8 gigs of ram a huge increase in CPU/GPU power.

An while you may not know it the jump from 720p to 1080p is a much larger jump.There is no argument there look it up an learn a little something for the day.

gaffyh2289d ago

@mr_mike - So you think you are better than Sony fanboys because you have been a Nintendo fanboy longer?

LMAO. What's more sad is that you admitted you've been a fanboy for around 30 years, grow up.

mike1up2289d ago


I think that you missed my point. I don't think that I am better than anyone. Well maybe just you, but only because you don't seem too bright.

I am glad that you got a good laugh, but, what's so sad about being a gamer for 30 years? Do you plan on stopping at year 29?

My Nintendo and PC keep me satified, and that's not a crime. I have seen Atari, Sega, Turbo Graphics 16, and many more go the way of the dinosaur. My company of choice is still here, so you're damn right I am proud of that.

gaffyh2288d ago

@mr_mike - Wow, you can't even read. Fanboy and gamer are not the same thing. One is an irrational idiot that believes whatever a company says and defends them to the death, the other is a person who enjoys playing games on whatever system.

A fan and a fanboy are two different things as well, if you meant to say fan, that's a different thing. You can be a fan without being irrational.

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WeskerChildReborned2290d ago

Who named ZombiU the best looking wiiU title? Also have you seen the Zelda demo? That's a demo showing that the Wii U is pretty capable and also, they are launch titles. Wii U isn't gonna be about graphics, it's gonna be about having fun.

Zechs342289d ago

Like the Wii? That only can take you so far when most gamers this gen were born in 2001 and are certified graphics whores or children. I'm sorry to say that innovation, fun, and gameplay has become overshadowed.

Testo2289d ago

"Wii U isn't gonna be about graphics, it's gonna be about having fun."

Am I missing something? Have M$ and Sony been releasing games which look amazing but are horrible to play?

wishingW3L2289d ago

that was a tech demo and these kind of demos tend to look good because they don't have stuff like physics and AI eating up resources. All the power goes towards the visuals alone.

ronin4life2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

In many ways, yes.
IMO, halo 1 is miles better than any other halo.

Fable has been getting worse and worse(though I never liked it anyway^_^;). Soul Calibur too.

Uncharted is a basic shooter elevated to "god" status by fanboys.

There are good games for all 3 systems of course. But these are supposed to be the top of the crop for these consoles? Of their genres? They are the same and often worse than last gen.

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_-EDMIX-_2290d ago

Nintendo would be pretty stupid to think that would happen.

First off, the Wii U is being compared to the PS3 and 360. NOT the PS4 or 720. From what i hear its "slighting" more powerful then a PS3 and how can it match or be better then a PS4 or 720?

Another thing, games like ZombieU have been talked about by Ubisoft as a possibility of being ported to the 360 or PS3. (kinda strange if its so damn next gen)

The truth.

The Wii U is a current gen system that is just a step above the PS3 and 360. For the Wii U to remain the most powerful EVEN after the PS4 and 720 releases, the PS4 would have to actually be less powerful then the Wii U, which is just slightly more powerful then the PS3...but that makes no sense.

So it goes Wii U > PS3
Wii U > PS4

What? ok...PS4 > PS3

but where does the PS4 go to be less then the Wii U? LMFAO! 750mb ram? 512mb GPU? LMFAO! Knowing Sony, they always model there gpu after the years best GPU (RSX being a 7600gtx).

Meaning if Sony goes the same leap (Sony has said they will only show a PS4 if it can actually make such a leap) it will be modeled from a HD 7970 or HD 7990 or a gtx680. The Wii U's isn't even a fucking HD 5770. So....

Same goes for MS. There releasing a beast system, the Wii U's GPU is just a little better then the 360, so i doubt the 720's will match the Wii Us.

What fanboys want us to think.

The Wii U is NEXT GEN! The 720 will have "Wii U specs" to be next gen too. (LMFAO!)

The Truth.

The Wii was a system with last gen tech (gamecube tech) thus didn't get multiplats based on not having the hardware to due so. The Wii U, IS THERE CURRENT GEN SYSTEM, in terms of tech anyway. This was understood by pretty much everyone one, that the Wii U, was Nintend's answer to the PS3 and 360, never have i heard anything before this week regarding the Wii U some how being compared to systems that haven't released yet. How? Its being compared to current gen tech can it be better if its as of right now just "slighting better" then a PS3 and 360?

Sad....just sad. I'm really not sure how much stupider one can get.

Pintheshadows2290d ago

This post deserves bubbles. So I shall give you some. Is it wise day on N4G today or sutin?

StanSmith2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

"First off, the Wii U is being compared to the PS3 and 360. NOT the PS4 or 720. From what i hear its "slighting" more powerful then a PS3 and how can it match or be better then a PS4 or 720? "

Here we go again. NOBODY knows how powerful PS4 & 720 will be. NOBODY but the developers working on WiiU know how powerful it is. The specs have not been released for ANY of them. Your whole post is just based on speculation.

Developers are saying WiiU is much more powerful than PS3/360 and they are saying it is a Next Gen system. You, on the other hand only believe the unconfirmed rumours and apply them to your logic as fact.

Stop assuming Nintendo made another Weaker powered games console because they did so for one gen and stop assuming Sony will make another beast of a console because they did so too for one gen.

madjedi2289d ago

@stan The wii u, releases this yr, ms and sony aren't releasing till next year or holiday 2014.

And they won't have a portion of the processing power, diverted to display to a gimmicky tablet controller. Instead they can utilize the full power to run theirs games as detailed as the devs can squeeze out of it.

I remember skimming an article that talked about iwata explaining to shareholders that, nintendo had to allocate more of it's console budget for the tablet than the processor.

Now since as a general rule graphics cards/chips ect get cheaper as they get older, sony and ms will likely have to pay less for a better hardware than nintendo will.

Now judging strictly by what ms and sony have released for their last 2 consoles, it won't be weaker than the wiiu. Which to me is just joining this generation, whereas ms and sony are about to move on to their next one.

"Sony will make another beast of a console because they did so too for one gen." Go watch sony's e3 conference, where they essentially say they won't release a new system until it the graphics merit it.

To nintendo guys the wii u, is a next gen system, to many ps3/360 guys it look more like a in between gen system(not really a next gen system).

"Developers are saying WiiU is much more powerful than PS3/360 and they are saying it is a Next Gen system." The more powerful than the ps3/360 is a given, but a next gen system. <-- When ms or sony release their specs, then we will see, if it is a next gen system or just a next gen nintendo system.

Release the specs and all this arguing will disappear, but nintendo is afraid ms or sony will copy them lol.

StanSmith2289d ago


Honestly, I don't disagree with anything said. Everyone (including Nintendo) know that PS4/720 will be more powerful. Like you said it's a given. My point was that we really aren't talking about a generational leap in power like some on here would have you believe.

The WiiU will get all the games that the 720/PS4 will get (except exclusives of course). It won't be left behind like the Wii. They may look better on PS4/720 but WiiU will still be able to run them.

As for the tablet controller, who's to say Sony and MS won't do the same? With the current integration of smartglass, they could hop on board too.

theaceh2289d ago

I expect Next Gen to be a DVD to Blu-Ray kind of leap not a VHS to DVD leap.

PS-Analog2289d ago

@Stan. For somebody who is against speculation, you're doing a lot of speculating yourself.

Anyway on topic. If Nintendo are talking about not being over-powered in terms of sales, then they could be right. Ninty earned it respect last gen by going a completely new direction and it worked. It had to be cheap, fun and user friendly. If they abandoned something that works for them, then it could be a mistake. If Nintendo keep to this rule then they will not be pushing the envelope in terms of performance for a next gen console.

For Sony and Microsoft that strategy will not work. They have to build a console that will push the bounderies in terms of performance.

So going by past logic that works for each console. WiiU will be made cheap and sold cheap, therefore it will be average in performance for a next gen console. PS4 & 720 should be packing some power.

Anyway, like you said, without specs we can only spec.

StraightedgeSES2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

@_-EDMIX-_ Seriously where the hell did you get a gtx680 and the 7990 from?

Slapshot822289d ago

Some developers have claimed that the Wii U is "slightly more powerful than PS3/360," but others have said otherwise. That's all the facts -- if you can even call it that -- that we currently know at the moment.

A look at the current financial fiasco in the gaming industry will tell you that neither Sony or Microsoft can bring out console that over $500. Not only because the the industry is flooded with more "gaming" systems that ever before, but because developers can barely afford to develop triple-A titles for current generation specifications -- how can they afford to double those cost for next generation?

Sony's acquisition of Gaikai should be a tell-tale that PS4 will not have high-end specs built in, but instead, we are more likely to see a lower end console built specifically for cloud based streaming, which can perform on a level much greater than current generation consoles. For them to be financially strapped in the way they currently are, they didn't spend $380 million to stream retro titles to current consoles.

So, if the PS4 (and Xbox Next) does indeed go with a cloud-based gaming setup, then the Wii U would indeed have higher specs than them...but, the cloud systems would have the ability to push into the next generation.

There's a lot of "ifs" and "buts" and nobody knows for certain what will happen. So, there's no reason to get worked up about it all. I do think people will be surprised by the next generation, as it will likely not be what many want it to be.

kikizoo2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

"The WiiU will get all the games that the 720/PS4 will get (except exclusives of course). It won't be left behind like the Wii. They may look better on PS4/720 but WiiU will still be able to run them. "

"all the games"/"may look better" : lol speculation & delusional boyz..

wiiu compete against ps3...360 (6 years late), and would have the same games (multiplatforms, not the best exclusives), ps4 and probably even 720 will be way more powerfull, simple logic.

Dasteru2289d ago

The best GPU when the PS3 released was the 8800 GTX which was several times more powerful than the 7600 GT (There is no 7600 GTX)

7600 GT:

Core Clock - 560Mhz
Memory Clock - 1.4Ghz
Memory Interface - 128 bit
Memory Transfer Rate - 22.4 GB/s
Pixels Per Clock - 12
DirectX v. - 9.0c

8800 GTX:

Core Clock - 575 / 1.35Ghz
Memory Clock - 1.8 Ghz
Memory Interface - 384 bit
Memory Transfer Rate - 86.4 GB/s
Pixels Per Clock - 128
DirectX V. - 10


Ducky2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

"Another thing, games like ZombieU have been talked about by Ubisoft as a possibility of being ported to the 360 or PS3. (kinda strange if its so damn next gen) "

This isn't really odd.
Usually when a new gen arrives, you have games that are made for the newer hardware also ported to the older hardware.

It would depend on how well the ported PS3/360 version compares against the WiiU version.

_-EDMIX-_2289d ago

@Dasteru- that graphics card was from a year previous. I meant they were using the g p u of the year they developed the playstation 3. is AMD and Nvida I want to come out with a new graphics card at the ending of 2013 and 2014 how did sony combat this?

I think you're taking my comment too literal. is sony releases a playstation 4 at the ending of the next year AND also a release a new graphics card at the end of next year then clearly it can't be in the playstation 4. the same applies with the playstation 3 in the 7600.

I think you completely miss understood what I wrote about that. d 8800 came out at the ending of 2006 literally days before the playstation 3. I think you need to go back and re-read to understand what I mean. sony can't do anything about a graphics card amd releases days befor the playstation 3.

also the hd 7990 and gtx 680 are the best g p u of this year and I listed them I didn't list next year's best g p you for a reason. cuz it's obvious that sony can't put such a g p u in their system if amd has yet to even make it yet.

I would have thought common sense would tell you guys that I meant the g p u of the year of development, they can't put the g p u in a system days before the gpu releases and system.

Ravenor2289d ago


Did you make a typo? The 7600 wasn't the best GPU... The 7800 series was(In 05). RSX is based on NV47, it's a 7800 with a chopped down ROP count and Memory bandwidth.

What you seem to forget is that there have already been rumours circulating that the GPU inside the Wii U is based on the R700. The R700 is many times more powerful then Nvidias G70/NV47 inside of the PS3.

Neither Sony or MS are going to release a console at 500+. The odds of a full 7990 (Its a two GPU Card!) or a GTX 680 even with a 2013 release are slim.

ronin4life2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Wow. I didn't think of such a possibility myself(the ps4 streaming bit specifically), and find it very plausible and interesting.
Bubble up.^.^

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joab7772290d ago

Either he is right and the new epic engine as well as luminous won't be used on new consoles, or he is wrong and his console is in trouble. Oh and he is wrong. Otherwise no one is gonna buy them. PC's will surge and developers will flock to PC. Epic and others have made it clear what they need.

torchic2290d ago

money talks my friend, not the power of your PC. and we all know where the money's at. maybe if +100 million people all bought NASA spec PC's, then yea devs will flock to PC.

until then.

StanSmith2289d ago

Posts like this make me chuckle.

Epic need Sony, Microsoft and Nintendo. They don't hold the cards. Without them, Epic wouldn't get half the money they do now.

Also,the Unreal Engine 4 will work on a freaking ipad! Why would it not work on WiiU?

live2play2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

NINTENDO did not say that.

thirsty for hits troll said that

iwata never stated the ps4 720 wont be more powerful

he actually said he expects them to be

live2play2289d ago

i think people are taking these words to mean

ofcourse they will
iwata said so himself

what he DID say was
the difference from wiiu to ps4 720

wont be AS BIG as the difference between wii and ps360

but the flaimbait moronic of a title would have you believe otherwise

andibandit2289d ago


"ok im not gonna judge right now i will wait to see ps4 launch titles first and then compare them with ZombieU"

Judging by PS3 launch titles i would add 3 years to that.

remanutd552289d ago

interesting the ps3 had the most mediocre sony console launch ever with only resistance fall of man as decent game but the next year i bought Motorstorm, Heavenly Sword, Folklore, Ratchet and Clank Tools of Destruction, Lair ( yes i did enjoyed it ), uncharted drakes fortune and Warhawk, all of them exclusive games so why wait 3 years?

remanutd552289d ago

at Siriu i'm a piss Nintendo fan because of the wii, thats all but i don't think for one sec the wiiU will be in the same league as the ps4, not even close but as i said before i will wait and see before i come to conclusions, anyways Nintendo doesnt need to bring as powerful machine as sony but its good to see they finally getting into HD and hopefully a decent online service.

now that you mention they are supposed to announce new games at Gamescon i will be paying close attention to Nintendo press conference, perhaps i see the game that make me go buy the system on launch date.

and no i havent change one bit, my ps4 investment is right at the bank just waiting on sony to make the official announcement, my wii U investment is up to exclusive games that appeal to me, simple as that , nintendo wont fool me again (at least not so easily like they did with the wii lol)

yabhero2289d ago

The state of this entire site is depressing... We have no specs, and the only games we've seen are essentially ports. Think about it like this... If I try to run a floppy disk on a new high end pc would it work? Maybe with tinkering, but you couldn't take advantage of the new features. Same here. Trying to get a game designed for old architecture on new more powerful architecture. If I port a 3DS to vita, sure it'll have snappy textures and whatnot but it'll be the same because the dev isn't using the power... The WiiU devs like Epic, Crytek and Gearbox have all said its better than current gen. But instead of listening to them lets hear some fanboys expecting it to max out on it first day. The WiiU GPU is likely an e6760. Even with the latest AMD chip they would only outperform it by 2.5 times...

greenpowerz2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

No way will the Wii-u be as powerful as the 720. The 720 is a entertainmemt system and not just a game console. The 720 has dedicated processing for all of It's core functions(kinect, gaming, smartglass, windows OS/Internet Explorer, BLU RAY etc. All these things will be cross talking with eachother and cross functioning. I'm sure the dedicated cores etc. will be unified making use of extra power when something isn't being used.

Wii u will not be as powerful as 720 or PS4 to say the least. Ms is keeping the price high now, bringing lots of cash, preparing to take the financial hit early next gen(own the living room push with a home theater pc-like console)

Companies are adding value to devices to make money(apps in HDTV's, BD players, Mobile) so added power and capabilty isn't just for games anymore. The 360/720 show that the xbox is going to be MS's own platform for all their services and products. Future products from MS will be universal solutions on a MS owned platform called the xbox but no longer a meer game console but a entertainment system HUB.

Wii u would choke and die if it were doing the things the 720 will be doing. The 720 will have a main processor with multiple dedicated scalable assistives cores for graphics, AI, physics, sound, networking, encryption and sensors. Kinect will have dedicated HW processing.

FlairSomewhere2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Assistive cores?
Not trying to argue.
But the way you described what we know about the UNANNOUNCED AND UNCONFIRMED successor to the Xbox 360, it just sounds like Sony's Cell Processor.

What I think we will see in the future is that for the systems to try and do everything the other one is doing, it will just make everything too bland and generic.

What the "720" will do, will have no bearing on what the Wii U or PS4 will do.

Shouldn't that be the goal?

I mean sure, multiplatform games will still exist, developers need outlets for their titles.

But I don't see any console doing WHAT the Wii U will do.

SmartGlass seems like a mix between AirPlay functionality in iOS devices and what the WiiU will over, but I think because of that it loses focus and my interest.

It will not have connectivity free from WiFi and ISP lag and throttling, etc.

All I'm trying to say is, the Wii U will do things no other console can or will do.

And that's okay!

It's a different box.

greenpowerz2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

Your opinion isn't seen as arguing... My comment was based on MS's history and what they are doing behind closed doors.

I'm not attacking the WII U hardware. Logically there is no need for it to be as powerful as the 720. Totally different companies. A game hardware company vs a software giant competing against many more companies in many more markets with only a few hardware divices such as the xbox and Surface hardware platforms.

I'm getting disagrees like I said Wii U games will look like crap! LoL
Nintendo doesn't even have the infrastructure and developed technologies to warren the power the 720 would need. This all assuming Nintendo even has the desire or vision to turn their game box to a next gen multi media system. I'm just saying the 720 needs to be almost PC-like. It will have to be a hybrid Home Theater PC, half console and half HTPC.

Godmars2902289d ago

Given how I don't think games this gen really utilized the hardware, I kind of sort of agree.

fr0sty2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

You have to understand that multiplatform games can never utilize a system to it's fullest potential, as the developers always have to program for the lowest common denominator for each system they are porting to. You can't make a feature in a game that will run on one console but will not on the other. Or, you can, but developers will rarely ever put the time and money needed to do these things into the game if it's only going to be available on one version. Not to mention console manufacturers pressuring them to maintain parity between versions so as to not make their console appear inferior.

However, with exclusives like Uncharted, TLoU, Gears, Beyond, etc, you do see the hardware being pushed to it's absolute max.

That said, the Wii U has not shown a single thing that is not possible on current gen consoles. Not one. Iwata is losing his damn mind if he thinks that the PS4 and 720 will not be able to outperform his box. Some developers are talking about having trouble porting current gen games to it due to the low clock speed of it's CPU. Current gen games...

fr0sty2289d ago

Iwata is smoking crack. They couldn't even make Batman run better than current gen systems on Wii U.

Godmars2902289d ago

That was exactly my point. With most third party devs not focusing on one system, no third party titles never really all that good this gen.

And where one Gears game was better than the one which came before it, an entry into the Uncharted series was often compared to several other games. Epic tried to get some attention by comparing their title against Naughty Dog, but post Gears 2/UC2 that all but stopped dead.

And yes, with Nintendo only talking about how the WiiU is going to dominate graphically next gen by bring up current examples, embarrassment is about to ensue, but again I expect that the 720 and PS4 wont be allowed to live up to their full potential either. Not by 3rd parties anyway.

showtimefolks2289d ago

lol yeh Nintendo they will not over power wii-u they will run past it and be in the fast lane going 200MPH and while you be driving the V4 honda civic going in grandma lane lol

any body with little know of tech knows both ps4/xbox720 will be more powerful than wii-u. Isn't that the goal to make a better system than the one already in market

i am buying wii-u just because its N 1st party games in HD and that's good enough for me

FlairSomewhere2289d ago

Not sure if you intentionally came up with V4 (yes they DO exist, I know)?
Just a gearhead who wishes you had gone with inline-4.