Battlefield 3 meets Skyrim in these custom, fan-made screenshots

DSOGaming writes: "Do you know what would be really cool in Battlefield 3, apart from fighting against dinosaurs? Well, fighting against dragons."

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T3AMRR2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )

In my opinion Battlefield 3 is not exactly the kind of game where you can introduce this kind of creatures, BF3 is not Final Fantasy! I have other ideas about
of which could add to BF3.
Why not submarines, and ships like frigates, to extend the battles at sea, and to mix with vehicles, ex... F18 & A-10 ..... etc.

But not that kind of creatures, I have to laugh at this idea, I'm sorry .......

CaptCalvin2288d ago

Those fanart aren't supposed to be taken seriously. And I agree on the submarines and ships. They were actually in BF1942 but were taken out subsequent games.

2289d ago