10 Games PlayStation Vita Needs To Be King

OriginalGamster: The PlayStation Vita has been available to consumers here in the US for about 5 months now, and the system has received much praise from gamers and critics alike. Even with a solid library available to owners and games like Little Big Planet, Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed coming to the handheld by the end of the year, some owners have grown impatient… and by looking at the Vita’s Jul – Aug release schedule one can certainly understand why. The PlayStation Vita may be experiencing a lull in game releases at the moment, and promises of more big titles in development curb fear that the system is “doomed” as the mediocre game journalists put it, but just for fun I thought I’d throw in my two cents and list the 10 games/franchises that Vita needs to be the best handheld of all time. Enjoy, and leave me a comment letting me know what unannounced games you want to see come to the Vita.

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SandWitch2288d ago

1. GTA
2. Final Fantasy
3. Monster Hunter
4. Gran Turismo
5. God of War
6. Uncharted (check)
7. Gravity Rush (check)
8. Assassin's Creed
9. The Elder Scrolls
10. Diablo

NukaCola2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I can't wait for Assassin's Creed III: Liberation and the new Bioshock title for Vita.

On GTA. I want both a Chinatown Wars style game with all the minigames, drug dealing, and that awesome awesome Wanted System. And a San Andreas Stories as well.

Capt-FuzzyPants2288d ago

Yeah I'm hoping Type-0 gets released here on the Vita with some added features. It would be cool if they started releasing The PS2 collections or remakes on the Vita. An Elder Scrolls game would be pretty cool.

r212288d ago

good list but some snags. gravity rush sequel isnt coming anytime, rainbow moon needs to be on the vita and instead of HD remakes, i'd rather have ps1 and ps2 compatibility :D

kingofe32288d ago

From the article:

10. Isn't going to happen. The series is dead.
9. Fat Princess being on Vita is possible, but don't see how it'll make the Vita king.
8. As long as content isn't cut like Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, then yes.
7. Possible
6. Monster Hunter is going to take a while before it gets on Vita.
5. We don't know when the sequel is going to be made or is even in development.
4. Star Wars Battlefront? Haven't seen that game in a while. Doubt they'll bring it back.
3. More RPGs!
2. Yes indeed
1. Possible, depends on how they do.

Gamesgbkiller2288d ago

Metal Gear Solid : Peace Walker 2 is enough to make it the KING!

xursz2288d ago

Pretty good list. Here's my top 5:

(no particular order)

- Gran Turismo
- GTA (San Andreas Stories or an exclsive spin-off of IV)
- Shadow of the Colossus (forget what people say about remakes, I'd absolutely love to play this on Vita, or a similar game designed by Sony's Japan Studio)
- inFamous

guitarded772287d ago (Edited 2287d ago )

Thank's for the positive feedback and your personal input. Glad you enjoyed and added your two cents. That's why I take the time to write these blog posts.

I know some have had a negative response to my opinion, and that really doesn't bother me as long as there is open debate following criticism.

I see a lot of people talking about Vita needing GTA, and personally I think HD ports of the PS2 and PSP games would be a good way to bring the series to the Vita, along with trophies. After seeing MGS HD Collection running on the Vita, and knowing the HD port of Final Fantasy X is coming to Vita, I have high hopes that we will see more of these HD titles.

I saw a comment from r21 above saying they'd rather have PS1 and PS2 emulation, and to add to that, we know PS1 games will be coming to Vita soon... as for PS2, I'd rather have the HD ports because they look so good on the Vita and they add trophies which give more replay IMO.

Also noticed a lot of Monster Hunter, which is #6 on my list. It would have been higher, but Monster Hunter for Vita has been confirmed to be in development, and my list was more about unconfirmed/announced titles that would be huge for Vita sales.

@ kingofe3 - I appreciate your feedback too, but I would argue that SOCOM is not dead. Zipper Interactive is sadly dead, but the SOCOM franchise could do very well on the Vita I think.

@kB0 (below) - You criticize, but have no input to the actual discussion. If my picks are so "obvious", then please share your unique, mind blowing ideas. Then we can all bow down at your feet and worship you for your great ideas, and Sony will hire you for your genius.

As I said before, the point of the article is to look at the potential future of the Vita and spark discussion. Some websites have labeled the Vita as "doomed", but I haven't seen many articles that talk about the potential of the system, and that's what I'm trying to do. Get people to talk about the potential of the system, and what would make it the greatest handheld of all time.

smashman982287d ago

I honestly thought the list was kind of bland and general... tooo vague even.

I mean it started off ok with socom
I mean sure zipper is dead and gone but sony could put together a new studio to bring it back.

Theeeeen you went to fat princess

I don't personally know a single person outside of me and my little brother who played this and to this day people think im joking about its existence when I bring it up even that as it may be I think it could find new life and hopefully a larger following on the vita.

HD collections was your first vague one

The title said ten games im looking for franchises that would be cool on vita and you bring this onto the list yes its obvious and guess what the vita already has one with one confirmed to be on the way. So i felt like the list was sort of contradicting itself here.

Then Patapon

I totally agree

Then Monster Hunter

I totally agree

Then Gravity Rush

This goes back to HD collections Gravity Rush literally just came out for the vita. We do not need a part 2 yet because Part one hasnt even sold enough copies to even consider a part 2 yet and thats partly due to the fact that not enough people are willing to buy vitas for new IPs

Then Star Wars battlefront



Thats waaaay to vague a whole genre for one spot
thats like if i made a list that looked like this

10.Sports games
9.Adventure gammes
8.Open world games
7.Movie Tie-in games
etc, etc, so on and so forth plus it already has had one jrpg (that I know of) with another 2 on the way.

Gran turismo
not a big fan my self but i know people love it
so yea

New IP's
Now I see why you said it but the title isnt 10 things vita needs to be king its 10 games vita needs
and while im all for new IP's Sony has also made it known that they want people to see vita as the first true console experience on the go andd to do that they need a mix of both fresh experiences and existing ones so yea new IP's are an obvious one

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