Father Takes Away Kid's Xbox, Kid Calls the Cops

A father tried to punish his son by taking away his beloved Xbox 360, so the son reportedly tried to punish his father by calling the cops on him and reporting it as a theft.

The incident happened over the weekend in Christchurch, New Zealand. The unidentified father and his 17-year-old son got into an argument over the teenager's bad grades and the father decided to confiscate his Xbox 360 because he puts in around two or three hours of game time a day and "puts it before everything else."

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piroh2340d ago

maybe his daddy turn off the xbox before save point

MiamiACR212340d ago

I'd call the head of National Security if that happened, Piroh.

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MAJ0R2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Either way way more people own an Xbox 360 so this kind of stuff is more likely to happen, or way more people who own an Xbox 360 are under the age of 13.

Not sure which one it is...

PS4_day12340d ago

thats the effect of raising the kids without stress, resposibilities, if I ever did something like that as a kid, I'd never see Xbox until I move out, kids like that need to be remainded what belt used to be for

Gaming1012340d ago

lol the kid played 2-3 hours a day, people on here call that child's play, they play for 8-12 hours a day lol someone tell the kid's dad it could be wayyyyyy worse lmao

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pixelsword2339d ago

@ Maj0r:

" more people own an Xbox 360 so this kind of stuff is more likely to happen..."

The difference in numbers isn't to the degree that the number of incidents should be that vast, I think that since more Americans own the 360, and America is a very violent country, I think that's the underlying cause for the incidents.

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xursz2339d ago

I see what you did there. That's a troll post. You're an Xbox fan. :]

sjaakiejj2339d ago


Xbox 360 is more popular among kids at the "trouble age", Wii is more popular among younger kids (8-12) and the Ps3 is more popular among the (somewhat) more mature range 18-24. This is probably why you only see these types of stories about Xbox.

badz1492339d ago

seems like he has priority issues - gaming over parents and gaming over education!

SilentNegotiator2339d ago

The father should be executed at dawn.

pixelsword2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

Day one, 8:15am:
Kid calls cops on me.

Day one, 8:15:05am:
Kicks son out of house, tells him to get a job, confiscates everything he did not buy with his own money including gifts, charges for any doctor, dentist, and other bills accumulated throughout his stay and gets it from the things he did buy with his money along. Puts a bill into hand of son for any remaining debt.

Day one, 8:18am:
Changes locks.

Day one, 8:20AM:
Goes back to bed.

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ATi_Elite2340d ago

Reads title: Cracks up laughing

Skims through article and sees that the kid is 17 and has bad grades: Good job parent!

Reads the part that says "Dad proud kid called the cops": WTF! I would of broken that 360 into a million pieces!

The nerve of that spoiled brat to call the cops on his dad when his dad just wants him to get good grades.

PoSTedUP2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

bad grades and only 3 hours of gaming a day? hardly a gamer... i dropped out in the 9th grade and played sometimes all day long. but then again i didn't really have a normal guardianship. not to worry tho i got my GED in a juvenile correctional facility and that got me into college where i currently reside and am doing well.

ImpliedDeception2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

I'm totally with you, funny you mention destroying it, as that was the first place my mind went.

If it were my kid, his PS3 would go into the pneumatic press at work, and I'd make him watch...

Edited because my punctuation sucks.

WeskerChildReborned2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Yea, who the heck calls the police just cause their daddy took their xbox? Man people can just be weird today.

wages of sin2340d ago


Congratulations man, that is a good thing. Turning your life around and doing what you need to do. A step in the positive direction is just that, positive.

Once again, congrats.

DragonKnight2340d ago

Who the hell disagreed with wages of sin? Are there really trolls that bored that they would disagree with a statement of positive reinforcement about a person who is making strides to improve their life?


PoSTedUP2340d ago

thank you wages i really appreciate that. you too dragon, words of encouragement give me a great feeling and is one of the the reasons im trying my best. it's been and still is a bumpy ride but im doing well now and trying to keep it that way. thanks again fellas bubble up, one luv and god bless.

dredgewalker2340d ago

That is one of the most retarded things a son can do to his father. As a parent I think there's also something wrong with the way the child grew up in order to be able to do such a thing. My daughter loves to game but her grades never suffer because I always take the time to teach her.

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Jio2340d ago

8/10 would read again

KUV19772339d ago

He probably had to call police since CSI and FBI hung ob in him.

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M83_2340d ago

What?!? I'm just turned 18 and my life is a bit of a mess right now but seriously?

This runt needs a good understanding of the world and growing a pair of balls once he finally enters puberty would go a long way in helping him.

Elderly_Cynic2340d ago


Son still lives with father, and still plays his old, beat-up 360, because working the fryer at the local buger joint doesn't earn him enough money to pay rent or buy a new console... all because he thought gaming was more important than education.

Father looks at his son and regrets not confiscating console when son was 13. Writes a hastily scribbled suicide note...

MattyG2340d ago

Wow that's a bit... dark, dontcha think?

HammadTheBeast2340d ago

It was kinda funny up until the last sentence. Then it turned dark fast.

MattyG2340d ago

@HammadTheOne yeah I was laughing and then was deeply disturbed hahah

NCAzrael2340d ago

This is why I love having a dry, morbid sense of humor. Everyone else slowly backs away from a joke like that, claiming "wow, that's dark." I completed the thought in my head with "...takes son's 360 into the bathroom, plugs it in, stands in recently filled bath tub, and drops it."

Me-Time2339d ago


Yea, but
people need to learn to keep things to themselves. That kind of joking is really serious for some people. It'll remind people of it if they've had someone leave in that way.

FredEffinChopin2339d ago


I'm into dark humor, just not into dark failed-attempts at humor.

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ACBAA2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

being educated doesnt mean you get a nice well paid job, where do you live?

on topic- "because he puts in around two or three hours of game time a day"

that's not even much to prevent you from studuying, what was the kid doing the rest of the day? i smell a horrible father

PoSTedUP2340d ago

"being educated doesnt mean you get a nice well paid job, where do you live?"

it does 90% of the time in america, unless we're in a bad economy or you studied a field that isn't doing to well and isn't in demand.

JackBNimble2340d ago (Edited 2340d ago )

Being uneducated means you will NOT get a nice well paying job, unless you're a drug dealer or work in the oil patch.

Hicken2339d ago

NOT being well educated will definitely prevent you from getting a good job, but these days having a degree doesn't mean you won't still be dropping fries into vats of grease. Hell, one of my friends from high school has a Master's, and is currently delivering pizzas. Not a useless degree, either, but teaching. Went to school for seven+ years to deliver pizzas.

Yeah, America's great.

On topic: he'd never play games again. He might just have to find somewhere else to live, if he were my son. My parents took my PS1/SNES/PS2 away when i wasn't doing well in school(though I DID sneak and plug it in when they weren't around); if I had done something like call the cops, they would have waited for the police to arrive, and then beat me in their presence.

irepbtown2339d ago

11% of Greece's homeless population have a university degree.

But still, being Educated will give you more of a chance to get a well paid job. Will someone become a doctor without good education?

Just an example.

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JackBNimble2340d ago

Ya man, ya... in the f*cken tube he goes... haha , so now his uneducated son can fend for himself. How long will his son last now, uneducated with no skills?

It's only a matter of time before the kid off's himself aswell... just f*cken do it already.

jacksonmichael2340d ago

What a horrible name for a town.

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