Gamespot Gives 7/10 To Cybernator (VC)

Gamespot writes:

"Mech games seem to be a divisive lot. Some people like piloting big, hulking robots with a huge arsenal wreaking havoc, and some can't be bothered to deal with balancing heat levels and tinkering around with cumbersome movement. Konami's Cybernator could be the mech game for mech haters. In it, you guide a huge yet agile robot through a variety of 2D stages, helped along by some generous physics, streamlined action, and great boss encounters. However, the difficulty of these battles might also keep you from enjoying the game to its fullest."

The Good:
- Flexible shooting mechanics make for a more accessible mech-based game.
- Large, intense boss battles.

The Bad:
- Boss battles can also be very frustrating.
- Three continues and no extra lives seems a bit harsh.
- You can't squish the little people running for their lives.

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I Call 9MM4379d ago (Edited 4379d ago )

I used to play this game lots when I was younger, and I have to admit it was a fun game. Short but fun (especially with the secret Napalm gun). It would be nice to see Konami take this old franchise and turn it into an XBLA or PSN game. Not so much a remake, maybe a sequel or something. Something done to Cybernator like what is being done with Bionic Commando could be good.