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Back when we first reported about the existence of LittleBigPlanet Karting, it didn’t seem to make sense. The ModNation Racers franchise was set to have the third game in its franchise with ModNation Racers: Road Trip on the Vita and everything seemed good for the series. Well, with the previous developers of ModNation Racers, United Front Games, working on LBP Karting, we can say RIP to ModNation Racers, because there’s a newer, better kart racer in town.

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BringingTheThunder2376d ago

nice to know that ufg did a good job

GribbleGrunger2376d ago

you're not in the beta then

P_Bomb2376d ago

I am, and I've had a blast so far. Quite impressed. It's fun, technically more stable than Modnation and with more LBP trimmings than I expected from UFG. If I didn't know any better, I'd say it was Media Molecule.

GribbleGrunger2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

no, MM would have made it fun to create. i'm saying no more, but I could go on forever about create... as do many others who love the LBP franchise and what it's 'supposed' to stand for

THESONYPS32376d ago

Bad for you, plenty of people are enjoying the game. It's only a beta and problems will be fixed but its better than Mod Nation Racers.

GuruStarr782373d ago

Just got in to the beta, downloading now!!! can't wait!!

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soljah2376d ago

i am in the beta so don't want to say to much but as it is right now this game is destined to fail.
1 why even make this game its mnr all over again, which didn't do well
2 a kart racing game should be about racing at its core. seems like the competitive racing part is missing.
3 only 1 character sackboy really. yea u can dress it up but still only sackboy. sony should atleast borrow from nintendo again and make it SONY ALL STAR RACING IN THE LITTLE BIG PLANET UNIVERSE. it would add variety .
4 who in the h#ll wants to race thousands of people's sh#tty tracks just give me a few dozen awesome tracks to race and delete the rest
but who knows final game maybe totally different

smashcrashbash2376d ago

That is the dumbest thing I have ever heard. None of the points you made are valid at all. First of all it's not MNR. What do you mean the competitive racing part is missing. You race several people around a track and attack them with weapons. How is it missing? Who cares if it is still Sackboy? That didn't stop anyone from playing LBP or buying the costumes and if you use enough parts you can make Sackboy look very different.And finally people have proven that they can make very good levels in LBP is I don't see why LBP Kart should be any different. Also you don't have to play any of the '$hitty tracks' as you put it.There will probably be lots of challenge tracks and racing tracks that come with the game and you don't have to play any of the tracks anyone made.No one is forcing you to play anyone else's tracks.

cpayne932376d ago

Nah you and I both know we've heard dumber things on this site alone, not to mention the rest of the internet. :P but yeah, none of those points are valid. I've only seen a few tracks for this game so far, but they all look pretty awesome.

GribbleGrunger2376d ago


none of what you just said makes sense. The game itself is great. my problem with it is create mode. please don't take the opportunity presented to you my me to take a negative stance on the whole experience.

rolandfurious2376d ago

What opportunity? You're not even offering any sort of valid criticism for people to latch on to! You claim to know what's so bad about the game, but refuse to talk about it, instead only making vague comments about how it's not "what it's 'supposed' to stand for."

So let's hear it: why does the create mode suck?

ScytheX32376d ago

personally i like Modnation better dunno, ive played LBPK a good amount so far and just havent enjoyed it as much as MNR, and i can see alot of LBP things integrated but dunno, just not doing it for me.

chukamachine2376d ago

I enjoyed MNR, but found the tracks people made to be quite poor, all people seemed to want to do is create tracks from other games and they were poorly done.

LBP2 had way too many people creating video's of films, with lbp people, was boring tbh.

Best fun racing is all stars from sega, and the second one is looking fantastic.

I'm not in this beta, but i hope they don't fk it up.

A game should be fun, but if it doesn't feel like your racing enough, it will fail.

rolandfurious2376d ago

Considering huge swaths of LBP's user-made content was just recreations of other games, I'm not surprised that people are doing it here.

RedSoakedSponge2376d ago

i tried to get in the beta and havent received an invite :(

if anyone has the heart to give me a beta key i would be so grateful :)