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With all that time we spent playing the various Wii U games, all three of us formed some different opinions about the system, GamePad, and Pro Controller.

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PopRocks3592290d ago

At this point I'm pretty sure it will be between $299 or $349. Either price or below them is good enough for me. $300 and I'll have to think about it and seriously budget myself. Any higher and I'll have to wait for a price drop.

PopRocks3592290d ago

Whoops, I meant $400 for thinking about it. Caught it too late to edit it lol.

PoSTedUP2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

"It’s still bulky, and there were a handful of awkward moments"

"When used as part of the controller itself, it handled a little awkwardly, especially in the middle of faster-paced action games like Project P-100, which require input with the standard buttons, thumb sticks, and the touchscreen. It meant taking my hand off the buttons to draw on the screen leaving my characters helpless on screen until I finished doodling on the pad. I tried using my left hand on it, but that just made things even worse. It’s not a great sign of things to come, but these issues can be easily rectified if developers treat the touchscreen like the DS’s, as I’ve yet to encounter a DS game that made bad use of its touchscreen."

i haven't even used it and i predicted this. that's all i'm saying... just seems like it would be awkward to use the touch screen because of the size. now where are those butt hurt jacka**es that were calling me a troll because i was stating my opinion on the gamepad in the other article??? guess what? i was right. god im good.

other then that they seemed to like the wiiU, except for the fact that a high end game was running sluggishly. and if i would expressed my thoughts on this i would be considered "attacking" another console of choice even though im a game enthusiast. but in fact this is why i might not get the WiiU, but will continue to read articles and comment on them because maybe something will change my mind and make me buy it. but for right now the WiiU is a no-go for me because of the batman comment. if they can make mario more modernized with good textures etc. the wiiU would be a must buy, but it seems like they aren't going i that direction anytime soon.

@bobubbot- no this was from two of them and the other one didn't even seem to write much at all because of lazy journalism it seems. i already stated why i am here. and if you say "kinda trolling" as in you're not sure i just wanna tell you this comment isn't meant for you, i just needed to clear something up.

2290d ago
christheredhead2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )


Doesn't that seem a bit arrogant to say you're right based on one article? I mean, you have yet to try it so how do you know what works best for you?

You're free to state your opinion as much as you like. People are probably discrediting you because you dont know what your talking about. You are mainly taking the ideas of what other people say and passing that along as the final judgement. Your skipping an entire console, and their library of games, because of a Batman comment? Seems a bit skewed doesn't it?

I'm not attacking you, nor am I upset about how you feel towards the console. Personally, I'll probably wait till I can get my hands on the system or watch some console reviews/game reviews before I can lean one way or the other.

PoSTedUP2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

that's funny because i did tell someone that same thing (to not listen to what other people say) and i know you're not attacking me but sorry because you don't know my full opinion. here it is: i pretty much can tell the game pad is what they say it is because its like the vita, but bigger. and the vita is a pain in the ass to touch the screen while in game play, so for me to have to reach over a larger surface area would make me think its even more of a pain in the ass, right?

and maybe you're right about the batman thing but he's obviously not lying. someone said in the uncharted:GA review for vita that there is input lag and i didn't take his word for it, i traded uncharted because he wasn't lying. and any technical issues people report i'm going to take their word for it. i wanna see how a new zelda fairs with the game pad, because if it works well that is worth a system purchase in itself.

Hisiru2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Looks like some games needs to be better optimized for this thing and some other games are working pretty well. I am actually excited for two things: Last of Us and WiiU's launch. Why is gaming always taking my money away?

And it seems the guy is very positive: "After finally playing it though, I really want one."

Maybe some people will change their minds after playing it. I couldn't try it at E3 but I will try it in some events.

rolandfurious2289d ago (Edited 2289d ago )


You're welcome to form your own opinions, of course, but you paint strange images when quoting out of context, as overall it seems pretty positive:

"It’s the Wii U GamePad that is most impressive, though. It’s still bulky, and there were a handful of awkward moments, but I now feel that I can brush that off as part of the hazards of becoming accustomed to a new controller. Really, the controller is fine, and it’s going to come down to the game designers to be able to figure out how to make the most of the controller. During the demonstration, I played games that made clever and innovative use of the GamePad and others that made it play as clumsy as it looks. Third-party developers have long suffered on the Wii thanks in part to the difficulties with making the motion controls intuitive and interesting, but after suffering with and troubleshooting an entire generation of motion controls, now on multiple platforms, I have full confidence that we’re going to see a plethora of amazing games."

PoSTedUP2289d ago

no i know. but that comment was meant for someone else fom another article to prove my point on something i said about using the touch pad, nothing more. i said it seems like it is awkward to use in game, so i was just quoting what backed up my statement. im not saying the controller is fail and totally uncomfortable. just my opinion on the touch part.

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WeskerChildReborned2290d ago

Yea, anything over $350 wouldn't be as great. I'm just hoping it will be $350 or lower.

--Onilink--2290d ago

im thinking:
$300 w/o Nintendoland
$350 w/Nintendoland and maybe a wiimote or ProController

2290d ago
WeskerChildReborned2290d ago

Sound's like a good idea, I would definitely get the $350 so i can get the pro controller and Nintendoland.

ronin4life2289d ago

If you mean Multiple SKU's, I'm not so sure about that. Nintendo doesn't do multiple sku's at launch

--Onilink--2289d ago

well its was more of the 2 options that i think we might see, not necesarily both at the same time. But who knows, there is a 1st time for everything and multiple SKUs are a good way to appeal both a casual market with a lower priced one, and the hardcore market with a pricier alternative but more things included

Qrphe2290d ago

I'm sold on $300, anything more and I'll just wait it out for when the games I want come out.

WeskerChildReborned2289d ago

Same here about being sold on $300.

CouldHaveYelledUiiW2289d ago

$300 -350 or 375.

Maybe then I could feel better about the Power and their Profit.

'Cause I want Nintendo to be around Forehhvers and ehhvers.

(And may Link and Zelda never reach Nirvana!)

FlairSomewhere2289d ago

I totally agree. I hear everyone complaining and saying, oh I won't pay over $299 for something that's "ps360 version 1.5" (in terms of graphics) and what they fail to accept is that if you want the goods you gotta hand the $ over!
I'll pay $349, even $399 for a more powerful console, and I make $8.25 an hour at my current job...
So I don't think Nintendo would be aiming to high to go for that.