1up - Ouya (and its Kickstarter) Fail to Inspire Confidence

1up - Ouya first garnered headlines earlier this month when a report began to circulate that a cheap, free-to-play-centric, Android-based console would be coming to market for $99. Backed by Ed Fries, who played a prominent role in the development of the Xbox, and designed by Fuseproject founder Yves Béhar, this seemed relatively notable and legitimate.

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Vortex3D2312d ago

If Ouya came out 30 years ago, maybe they have better chance. No chance today except for dreamers.

One practice Ouya does that will prevent big game publishers from getting near is letting the gamers modify the console. Sure we all hate copy protection but which big publishers will be willing to release their games without any security?

Even on the PC, if you remove the copy protection, that along makes "owning" the game illegal.

HebrewHammer2312d ago (Edited 2312d ago )

I invested in it, simply to show support for some ideals that I think Sony should consider for the Orbis, and Microsoft for the Phoenix. Most notably, the lack of any royalty / fee to develop for them. Consoles need to embrace that so more money can be allocated to development exclusively. I really want to see a major console manufacturer embrace free to play (not sure what would happen to GameStop and tangible software there) as well as a viable platform financially for developers and publishers - that would be truly special.

nukeitall2312d ago

I would sooner believe a model like Gaikai or OnLive will succeed before Ouya does! Since I don't think either Gaikai or OnLive will succeed in the long run, you know the answer!!!

Console releases used to be about strictly content and it still is to some degree, but now it also adds the entertainment feature and social aspect of it.

Ouya has none of that, but a bunch of Android games on the big screen with low-end hardware. I just don't see how it will succeed, but hoping for a surprise. Competition is always healthy.