Destructoid - Taking on Metal Gear Ray in Metal Gear Rising

Destructoid - Konami gave the press a nice surprise here at Comic-Con by showing us some new content from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance. It was a very early, pre-alpha look at the boss fight against Metal Gear Ray that we got teased with at the end of the E3 demo. While this will be a pretty major boss fight in the final game, what we got to see was a quick version of the battle.

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George Sears2339d ago

Please God, let me wake up from this nightmare.

RyuX192339d ago

How is this a nightmare?

George Sears2339d ago

It is a horrible addition to an already well established Stealth franchise. Spin off, sequel, I don't care, the concept of this game is horrible and as a fan of the series, an embarrassment of Kojima's artistic ways.

Bigkurz852339d ago

If you're not interested then DON'T PLAY IT. no one is forcing you to read about or play this game. Why come here just to cry? Jesus people like you annoy me. If this is such a nightmare and makes you miserable then dont click the link!

George Sears2338d ago (Edited 2338d ago )

So as a gamer, an avid fan of the series, I cannot comment my disgust on this game? The comment section isn't meant to just praise and give hi-fives you know.

Since day one, I have had my doubts of this game. When it was Rising, the concept of what Kojima wanted to portray was unnecessary, but had more substance towards the franchise than this hell of a mess. Its like the game is forcing you to think Raiden is all of a sudden a freaking badass. Slicing and dicing people like if it's nothing. Since when is this shown throughout the series?

In MGS4, he was all out, but a lot more tame than this crazy high fly action we've seen on the trailers so far. Acid was tolerable and I actually liked it to some extent (Ac!d 2 was decent good). As a spin off, it use characters and concepts of the canon in a totally different way, but did not alter the characters so much like this one is doing. And you know what else Ac!d and Ghost Babel still had? STEALTH!

This game tries to force us to think Raiden is cool. That he is better than Snake, or even Gray Fox. Don't get me wrong, I've never hated Raiden as a character. I just don't see this obsession of trying to prove this guy has more importance than any of the Snake's.

I'm not saying that people shouldn't get this game. If you think this game is of your taste, then go ahead and buy it. I am not getting it, and these are the reasons why.

If my comment bothers you that much, hit disagree and move on. But I will continue to give my opinion, for this is the sole reason a comment section exists in the first place.

RyuX192339d ago

Just like I thought you're just another so called "fan" that is hating on this game for no reason.

I swear you people act as if this is going to become the series standard when its not. It's a new series made for fans of action games and Raiden. Obviously you don't care for either so you can go take your bitching somewhere else and wait for MGS5.

You people are the reason games like Call of Duty exist. You can never except anything different. All you want is the same shit every year. How dare you call yourself a "fan".

Tomonobu Itagaki2339d ago (Edited 2339d ago )

Then because they call themselves "fans", they HAVE TO love every single Metal Gear games? Then come on, Metal Gear Ac!d, you're a great game too !

People need to stop to be so delusive. All the buzz around Raiden is just because of "that" cutscene in Metal Gear Solid 4, and only for that. Newcomers believe Raiden is actually a badass ninja that everyone love.

But the truth is that Raiden has been created to amplify the love around Solid Snake. Raiden is a simpleton that nobody likes (E.E. finds him cute but gay, his cameo in MGS3 is also gay, he feels dumb in every part of MGS2,...), he's just a scapegoat. Even Kojima admitted Raiden was created for the sole purpose of attracting the female public to the Metal Gear franchise.

And now, just because there is a game about Raiden, every fans must love him and praise what people feel as an heresy? No way.

You can't force people to like a game or not, and you can't force people to not say their opinion about this game. Metal Gear Rising sure looks good for an action game, but its existence insults the entire Metal Gear franchise, just like Metal Gear Ac!d did.

Metal Gear Rising is an aberration, as much gameplay-wise as story-wise. MGR is to MGS what Freshly-Picked Tingle's Rosy Rupeeland is to The Legend of Zelda series.

George Sears2338d ago

I'm amazed you are comparing COD to MGS but I'll bite. So, basically what you are trying to say to me, is that in COD's defence, you want the game to be a WHOLE different genre all together?

Now, in MGS defence, since when has the series been the same? Because it has a story? And follows such story with mostly the same old characters? Because it is stealth based? Because the whole premise of the franchise is a Stealth based experience?

I don't get your comment at all.

PirateThom2339d ago

I don't think I'll ever be able to accept Raiden throwing a RAY unit into the air and then slicing it...

Ultr2339d ago

its damn cool, overthetop and it's just damn badass!!