5 Reasons Ouya Will Succeed

"Ever since the Ouya’s funds surpassed its goal (it’s over quadruple its initial goal as I write this), there has been a lot of speculation about its success or failure. Obviously the idea of a new console is very enticing, but at the same time, the Ouya barely offers more than a PC or smartphone is capable of. Its main selling point is that it integrates android applications with the television—but otherwise, its specs are abysmal and pale in comparison to other consoles. That’s no reason to throw it in the gutter, however—we’ve seen some consoles succeed despite their lackluster specs before, and this one has plenty to offer that the other consoles don’t. Here are five reasons that will drive the success of the Ouya." |

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vortis2288d ago

Didn't it already succeed by getting funded? That's the hardest part of getting a console out there...getting it funded.

It has no choice but to succeed for niche gaming crowds looking for an open platform. It'll be the Linux of gaming consoles, even if the only people using it are indie devs.

Dark_king2288d ago

Nope,the hardest part is getting developer support.There no reason to make games for a system that they wont sell enough on to make a profit.Not to mention this system will have lots piracy and that will keep devs from wanting to support it.

joeorc2288d ago

"Nope,the hardest part is getting developer support.There no reason to make games for a system that they wont sell enough on to make a profit.Not to mention this system will have lots piracy and that will keep devs from wanting to support it."

you may not know this , but developer support for this system will not be a can Bank on that.

one only has to look at existing Backer's and the people that backing it in most cases are developer's themselves. With multiple year's under their belt for development. do you know this guy is?

now have you seen who else is backing this system?

Interplay founder Brian Fargo "one of the founder's of the fallout RPG"

and you may know about or heard about this chap

Jenova Chen (Flower, Flow, journey)

Journey has achieved both critical and commercial success. The game at release became the fastest-selling game to date on PlayStation Store in both North America and Europe.

How about this fellow

Markus “Notch” Persson

He began programming on a Commodore 128 home computer at the age of seven. Having experimented with various type-in programs he produced his first game at the age of eight, a text-based adventure game.

take a look at Blunty3000's take on this system

alot of people are sleeping on this, but they have yet to really let it sink in..the Tegra 3 ChipSet has more umph than the Nintendo Wii!

think about that for a sec, the mobo ie: mother board and chipset that goes into a smartphone or Tablet has more robust hardware than a dedicated living room game console!

did you see there is going to be a 2" x 3" touch screen on the front of the OUYA's game pad!

Like a Mini Wii U..the point is just like Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft the mobile devices are being intregrated to be an extension of the Hub ie: your Smart TV, your Game Box, your PC etc.

This just makes it easy for developer's to have a system on the side they can make extra Money on with complete publishing control themselves. It allows Self publishing and indie development gaming to be just as big of a player in the living room as any one of the big three. This also helps the big three because more developer's can take their Indie iP and reach more people.

ShinMaster2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

Same thing with the smartphones vs gaming handhelds articles.

It's like the seriously want the quality of games(and controls) to be diminished, along with first-party games.
If you truly want cheap and generic smartphone/tablet games to succeed over real handheld and console games, then you're not a gamer.

Shagohad2288d ago


What a blatantly stupid, moronic and borderline retarted statement. You do realize that this is going to inspire many independent developers to actually MAKE THEIR GAMES. You do realize that Minecraft (which, you know, is pretty friggin big) was made by an independent developer, right? You do know how popular it is, right? That being said, you do realize how idiotic your statement was, right?

Seriously, you need to grow up if you think that game developing should be reserved those big name companies who were swallowed by corporate greed. The OUYA won't have the problem of not having a "launch-line up" because it's already going to be connected to the Android market.

This is going to be a ridiculously successful piece of hardware simply because of their philosophy of being "open".

You, my friend, need to stop being such an elitist. I can guarantee you that this will offer SO much more than just gaming. This will probably have an incredible amount of media/ social apps as well.

This is the first time I've heard of this "OUYA" and I can tell you, I'm stoked for it already.

ShinMaster2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

I said nothing against independent developers you dumb****. Minecraft is a fine PC game.
It's not about being an elitist, it's about what each system delivers.

I was referring to the people wanting tablets and phones to REPLACE Nintendo, PlayStation and Xbox.
Because apparently, watered down versions of games like Mass Effect Infiltrator among other generic "alternatives" with touch controls are better and it's the future /s

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WeskerChildReborned2288d ago

It's kickstarter project was successful but the console might be successful or might not.

avengers19782287d ago

The hardest part is getting it built on shelves and sold to the masses to make more money than you spent making it in the first place.

I for one have no interest in buying something that plays the same games as my phone, and tablet, and Pc already play.

I say this thing never even sees store shelves, let alone consumers living rooms.

JsonHenry2288d ago

It just needs Steam to be added to it and it will succeed over night. That or some really useful hacks.

Xperia_ion2288d ago

I got schooled on this beast by a n4g user. Day one.

Gridloc2288d ago

It will be bought out by a major company then will turn to shit...

vortis2288d ago

If Ouya succeeds on the marketplace, then your statement will probably be more correct than the disagreers would like to admit.

Shagohad2288d ago

I highly doubt that being that their philosophy is about being "open". That doesn't say much on its own but the fact that this thing can be modded and hacked so easily will turn away any major company.

Not only that but most major companies are desperately TRYING to have a marketplace like this will have. Sony's PS Suite is an attempt to appeal to this sort of market.

Unexpecta2288d ago

If I had a choice between playing a console whether it be from Nintendo, Sony, or Microsoft, and playing on the OUYA, hands down without a nerve of doubt, I will play with one of the three big companies.

To think that OUYA is a threat to consoles is a statement like saying, an ant is a threat to a dinosaur.

Why waste your time playing on the OUYA, when there's a Wii, PS3, 360, right beside it?

MiamiACR212288d ago ShowReplies(3)
Shagohad2288d ago

"To think that OUYA is a threat to consoles is a statement like saying, an ant is a threat to a dinosaur."

That's a dumb statement considering that Sony's trying to appeal to this market of indie developers with PS Suite, and Microsoft tried (and had some success) with their Indie arcade. I haven't been following Nintendo but if they haven't already attempted at following suit then I'd be surprised by how far they've let themselves fall behind.

ShinMaster2288d ago (Edited 2288d ago )

What does trying to appeal to indie devs have to do with OUYA being a threat?

Again, this has nothing to do with being against indie developers.
If Sony and Microsoft can be open to them, then that's great. There's little chance of an open system like this REPLACING any of the big 3. They're not just big names, but they also have major titles. Only a couple of the reasons why OUYA wll NOT be an alternative for many, including myself.
Maybe a bonus, but not an alternative.

Plenty of indie developers have made games on PC. And regardless of that, consoles still thrive.

Like the article says, it's aimed at a new 'gaming' niche. I don't have a problem with it succeeding.

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