Amazon Offers 50% off on Final Fantasy XIII-2 $19.99

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is now only $19.99 at Amazon, so it will cost less 50%.

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WildArmed2314d ago

Picked up the same sale awhile ago on Amazon.

XIII-2 has been 20$ for awhile. I didn't feel like spending 60$ on it, but I wanted to try it myself. So I bought it, think I'm at chapter 5 now.

I play it on and off, I wish that the 3rd slot wasn't a monster slot. Kinda kills the fun of setting up crazy paradigms when you can only have 3 paradigms set to your 3rd slot :(

I liked that abt FF13, you could set up some over the top paradigms.

Lucretia2314d ago

its the same thing tho even if its a monster...wait i know what you mean.....well its still pretty dang good. i really loved the game.

WildArmed2314d ago

I'm liking the game too, but I wish I could be more flexible w/ my paradigms.

Sorry, ik it's being whiny and picky haha

But it's annoying if I have to choose my 3rd paradigm between Rav/Com/Med or some other combo of three paradigms.

AgreeFairy2314d ago

Still isn't worth it. I wouldn't buy it for any price even if it was only 1 cent. FF13 & FF13-2 are the worst Final Fantasy games ever (of course it feels nothing like FF).

goldwyncq2314d ago

What a cliché statement.

General Shrooms2314d ago

implying that it isn't true.

WildArmed2314d ago (Edited 2314d ago )

Bad final fantasy? Sure, I'll give you that.

Still a decent game thou, I mean unless you rather play Damnation (a broken game) over this. Then I'm just thinking you are holding a grudge vs evaluating it as a game.

Skate-AK2314d ago

Omg. Damnation is so F-n bad.

Skate-AK2314d ago

Just bought it at GameStop a couple days ago for $20. Havnt started yet though cause in still playing the first one. About 40 hours in and almost done with Chapter 12. I plan on getting the platinum on 13 before I start 13-2 so it's gonna be a bit.

WildArmed2311d ago

Adamantoise farming gets a tad testing at time.

Good luck w/ the plat!

rataranian2314d ago

What really concerns me is the FF games just keep getting worse. They may ALL end up like this one. And we may never see another great original FF game for the rest of our lives. ...And don't comment and give me the whole a) It's still a good game. just maybe not a good FF game. Guess what it's called? FF!!!!
and b) Just wait until Versus. ..Just stop it with that game. it's over.