F.Y.E backs Blu-ray, will special order HD DVD for customers

Retailer Trans World has said it will will be giving more catalog room to Blu-ray titles than HD-DVD and they plan to only order key new releases on HD-DVD. They say they don't want to be biased but this seems to be the direction that high-def production is going. However they have said they will special order non key HD-DVD titles if a customer requests so. Trans World Entertainment Corporation is a chain of entertainment media retail stores, with 800 F.Y.E stores.

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zambrota4741d ago

poor HD DVD

rip 4/1/2008

KS19854741d ago

We should bring flowers to the grave

zambrota4741d ago

Toshiba initially decided to drop Hd dvd from the very start.

It was MS who poked into into this war.

I feel bad for those 300,000 hd dvd owners with add-on

KS19854741d ago

Can the people who bought the HD-DVD add-on for their 360 sell it back?
That is if they don't want to keep it.

Blankman4741d ago

I feel bad for toshiba and i feel bad for the rest of the backers. I feel bad for those who bought the stand alone players. I don't feel bad for those who bought the 99 dollar hd-dvd players cus that was jst stupid. How anyone didnt see that as a going out of business sale is beyond me. Those who were aware knew the risks and they can't be dissatisfied with their product thus they warrant no pity. i dnt feel bad for any 360 owner no matter what the case may be. Most of them are such die hard msoft **** ryders that no matter what happens they will keep rooting for msoft. Msoft shat all over their faces with faulty 360's that red ring about every other day and they jst wipe it off and present their faces 2 be defaecated on some more. HD-DVD is dead and they all knew it was dead from day one but because microsoft was backing it the put their face in there and guess what happend... Next time your 360 red rings on you xbots you should consider wiping your eyes too and taking a look at what the ps3 is offering...Sure the games library isnt there yet but the catalogue of games hitting this yr can't be touched. From MGS4 to FFXIII and all the other goodies inbetween.

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OC_MurphysLaw4741d ago

thought this topic was dead? least it should be.

zambrota4741d ago

when Toshiba releases an official confirmation of stopping the production of Hd dvd

good or bad news whatever it is can be posted as long as it comes from a legit source and in the TECH section

OC_MurphysLaw4741d ago

Format wars and console wars go hand in hand. I just kinda like to read about real gaming news vs the hourly fanboy flamebait better known as disc format news that seems to get posted over and over and over and over.... just gets old.

KS19854741d ago

Hey, let the fanboy have there say if you want a good laugh.

whoelse4741d ago

To make the victor more sweeter and to warn 360 owners NOT to buy the HD DVD add-on!

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BigBoy20004741d ago

I'm afraid the hd-dvd format is seeing the last of its days, God rest it's inferior soul.

NoxiousD4741d ago

LMAO!!!! it was a failed concept from the start. Everyone knew that.

chfthnder264741d ago

please explain to me how it was a failed concept from the beginning it has 1080p video playback, 7.1 audio which really isnt needed and it has more features than bluray so please explain yourself, but oh u know wut u dont have to cuz i already know wut your going to say and that is it has 50gigs of storage so the f**k wut they are not even taking advantage of that extra space and hddvd does more with less

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