Halo 4 pre-order discounted by $15 this weekend

XMNR: Halo 4 is coming out on November 6 for the Xbox 360 but you can pre-order is now for 25% off its regular price from

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Lucretia2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

will wait till its 20$ then split it with my 4 brothers and My friend.

still 45$ is great for those who need it day 1. tho i imagine the hardcore halo fans would want the collectors instead

actually.....maybe i will get it at new egg on launch lol. I randomly got in a halo mood after seeing the MP trailer. havent played a good halo since 3, reach was just no good.

glad to see some good maps on halo 4

FarCryLover1822286d ago

Wait until its $20? You might have to wait until 2014 for that.

Lucretia2286d ago

lol didnt u see that i changed my mind :P

AO1JMM2286d ago

I just canceled my Amazon preorder for this cheaper version. I wonder if you get any of the proorder bonuses with this though.

Queasy2286d ago

Nope. No pre-order bonuses.

AO1JMM2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I preordered the standard edition on Newegg for my son so it is only 48$ but I kept my Limited edition preorder through Amazon for myself. Apparently the limited edition does not get the discount...sigh

GuruStarr782286d ago

Nice deal, although You'll have to wait until the end of the week to get it, since the only free shipping is for UPS 3-day.... otherwise, Newegg charges like $15 for next day delivery... better off just sticking with Amazon, that is, unless you can wait to get it.... I want to be playing it day 1....

turnerdc2285d ago

Or if you live close to their distribution center then you could get it release day. I've ordered a few games from Newegg (Diablo III, Halo Anniversary, Uncharted 3) and they all shipped the day before release from Tennessee. Being that I live in Arkansas it only took a day to get here so I got all of them on release day.