Tablet Gaming: iPad 3 Vs Nexus 7

Chillopedia | Tablets have stormed both the technology blogs and retail markets, showcasing their wonderful displays and ultra-fast processors. This newly born tech has broadened the minds of the consumers by combining portability with usability. By the fusion of these two, Apple sold 55 million units of iPads and Samsung has shipped 2 million units of Galaxy Tab.

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Wizziokid2286d ago

I haven't got into the tablet market yet but the Nexus 7 really appeals to me, much more of an Android fan than Apple.

xPhearR3dx2286d ago

I picked up the Kindle Fire and installed a custom ICS OS and it provides some great mobile/tablet gaming for $200. However, the Nexus 7 is the same price with JB OS (4.1) already installed and offers USB ports and camera for the same price as the Kindle. Might end up picking one of these up.

Wolfbiker2285d ago

I just put a 4.1 JB ROM on my Kindle Fire.

MattyG2286d ago (Edited 2286d ago )

I just got an Android phone and am loving it more than the iPhone. The OS has so much more freedom and flexibility. Don't have a tablet yet, but I'm trying to decide whether I want to get the Nexus 7 or the Microsoft Surface.

xPhearR3dx2285d ago

Nexus 7 - $200
MS Surface - Probably close to $1,000

For a first Tablet, go with something like the Kindle Fire or Nexus 7 just to see if your small investment was worth it and how frequently you will use. I love my tablet, I use it all the time but I thought I'd use it even more. So I'm glad I didn't drop 500+ on a tablet.

MattyG2285d ago

@xPhearR3dx I might go with Nexus, but I'm going to wait to decide until the price of the surface is revealed. MS said that it would be price competitively, so I don't expect it to be more than the iPad.

jmac532285d ago

My Nexus 7 is on its way next week. One thing you have to consider is the ecosystem. Apple has a better ecosystem when it comes to tablet optimized games but Android is quickly catching up. As far as the hardware and price Nexus 7 wins hands down.