Dark Souls for PC Will Use GFWL After All

IGN: "Despite a popular fan petition, Namco has stayed with its decision to use Microsoft's online service for the PC version of Dark Souls. "

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Godmars2902290d ago

What "what?"

You expect them to listen to a large group of potential buyers for the game they expect will buy it anyway? That they complained to the degree so much suggest how interested in the game. At least in Namco's mind.

Yi-Long2290d ago

.. they'll just download it instead.

Just started Dark Souls a few days ago btw. Great game so far.

Trenta272290d ago

Uhh, Kisiru, it is on Steam. You can preorder it now.

brish2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

"Dark Souls for PC Will Use GFWL After All"


Wuu2290d ago

No reason to buy this game on PC, no graphical improvement and GFWL, means, no no Steamworks for mods! Except if you don't own console.

shadowraiden2290d ago

no fps improvements either they have done nothing to the game(said so in a statement)

only thing they added was a few new monsters and bosses that were left out of original game that console version got for free.

specialguest2290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

The PC version will not go beyond 30fps. Worse than that is the annoying frame rate drops plaguing the console versions will still be there. I gave up on the PC version after reading about this news.


JsonHenry2290d ago

No worries. A simple config file change will unlock the FPS cap I am sure. (at least that is usually the case when this sort of thing happens)

Irishguy952290d ago (Edited 2290d ago )

Sorry, I thought people would understand this...I meant, the FPS will be stable throughout the entire game. Thus, it's an improvement

Even with this as a **** port, I still recommend it. GOTgen imo.

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Blastoise2290d ago

"Except if you don't own console" That's a pretty big enough reason right there. The PC community asked for the game and they got it. Its awesome, they should try it out, graphical improvements or not.
And forget mods, you don't have to mod everything you know? This isn't Skyrim.

shadowraiden2290d ago

dont own a console in this day and age then your missing out you can get both consoles for same price people pay for a mouse.

it is an awesome game without a doubt but they have been too lazy with this port when they could have easily spent a bit of time on it and brought out a port that was actually worth the money for pc as otherwise i can see it being just another shitty pc port that has so many problems and main one coming from GFWL half of time it doesnt even start up when you want it to.

Blastoise2290d ago


What are the problems though? I don't play on PC so I don't know if GFWL is a big deal. Other than that, what are the problems with this port?

Bladesfist2290d ago

GFWL has the same region blocking as xbox live. It is known to delete peoples save games and is a pain in the ass

Megaton2290d ago

They honestly shouldn't have bothered. It's just a bad port at this point. They should have just allocated the resources toward their next game, and have it built with the PC in mind from the beginning, including full Steam support.

karlowma2290d ago

I really don't have a problem with GFWL. You don't need Gold to play multiplayer, and it's nice to say hi to my Xbox Live friends that I only see for a week every year when Halo/Gears of War comes out.

Lucretia2290d ago

well......its better than nothing I guess.

least us us console owners will get the dlc

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