Can SmartGlass Change Gaming?

If there was one message the platform holders wanted us to take away from this year's E3, it's that two screens are better than one. Wii U builds an entire console launch around the concept and Sony is increasingly keen on more tightly integrating its Vita handheld with PlayStation 3. The big surprise of the event was Microsoft SmartGlass - an attempt to co-opt iOS and Android smartphones and tablets into the Xbox 360 ecosystem. But what exactly can it do, how does it work and crucially will it be any use for gaming?

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Nodoze2291d ago

no. That is all. It is a me too copy from Microsoft to fend off the WiiU.

JellyJelly2291d ago (Edited 2291d ago )

The clever thing about Smartglass is that you just need a tablet or a smartphone to utilize it. It seems hard for some to get that. Or maybe you just don't want to...

KillerKahuna2291d ago

Honestly it seems novelty to me, nothing more...

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KMCROC542291d ago

Love this new SOFTWARE concept ,looking forward to using this SOFTWARE that allows me to use my already owned tablets & smartphones as second screens. great SOFTWARE. concept.

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